What kind of business would we be if we didn’t try to slightly plug ourselves somehow in this particular issue of LFB Blogazine?

What kind of business would we be if we didn’t try to slightly plug ourselves somehow in this particular issue of LFB Blogazine? After all, this issue is all about supporting local and we are about as local and homegrown as it gets. About a month ago, while doing research into how we can ensure that LFB Blogazine is here to stay (‘cause like any new business we are definitely in the minus – “we” being me. Cut to me rocking back and forth crying with a bottle of vodka in clenched between my fists.)

It was during this research (which is still underway! As we are nowhere close to being financially viable, ha!) that a few of the lovely ladies that contribute for us (Naomi and Julieta, thanks ladies!) suggested we start up a patreon page. What, pray tell, is PatreonTo put it simply, Patreon is a service that allows you to support your favorite creators so that they can keep doing what they and you love – create incredible content for your enjoyment.

The digital age has been awesome for us creators. It has allowed us to begin projects we never could have dreamt of before. The downside of the internet is that it has also created a culture in which people seem downright upset at the prospect of paying for content. A lot of this has to do with the internet being faceless and products being digital. You would never walk into a magazine or book shop and think you could just pick a tangible product off the shelf and walk right out. But you may scoff at the idea of having to sign up for a membership to your favorite online newspaper. But if we do not get paid, we cannot create.

And while it would be crazy to assume we can rely solely on patreon, we have set up an account with the hopes that those of you who believe in us will support in any way you can. In return, we are happy to throw some exclusive content (we are open for suggestions) and other perks your way! (Also, huge shout out to Audrey for being the first donating to LFB, it means the world to us!)

We do not want to turn LFB Blogazine into a subscription-based service just yet, so we are trying to do everything within our power to bake the moneyzzz. This is one way that you (yes you!) can help.

Visit us on Patreon today and support your local girl gang/online blogazine!


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Rae Tashman is both the creative mind behind LFB and a freelance photographer. She lives in Berlin with her two fur babies and loves creating images and living consciously.