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Cracow, Poland

Back in January, I visited Poland – more specifically Cracow – with my family and best mate Artur. Despite it being stupidly cold and me being sick with the flu for 100% of the trip, I am pretty sure that I have fallen in love with Cracow. After visiting Prague and Bratislava as well, I have decided that there is just something magical about eastern european cities. I did manage to see enough of the city to decide that. 

Studio Portraits

In the age of instagram, it seems that lifestyle and situational portraiture have been dominating the genre. However, Korean brands like ADER…


Pastels, sweatshirts, 80s and 90s vibes, vintage tones, boho dreams, and roses – lots and lots of roses. Just a few…

Boho Accents

I am consistently blown away at the homeware offered by Urban Outfitters. Unfortunately, here in Europe, the homeware merchandise is still…

Tinder Vs Romance

Columnist Nancy shares her thoughts on romance in the age of tinder:
Choose Tinder. Choose here, now and the present because past…