What is a Blogazine?

A blogazine is the combination of a blog and a magazine. Pretty obvious, right? A perfect example of this would by Tavi’s Rookie Mag But what does this fusion really mean for LFB?

First off, it means that LFB will be releasing content in the form of issues that come out bi-weekly. That means every single article for a particular issue will be published on the same day. It means more staff, contributors, and guest writers, which will open LFB to new voices and opinions. My whole mentality in going this route is to create better more in-depth content while growing LFB to be more than just me. Still, the “blog” part of “blogazine” is extremely important to me, so half of the content you will find here will still be written and created by me in the first person. And for those of you who despair at the idea of having to wait for content every 2 weeks, do not worry – to also keep the blog spirit alive, shorter more blog-like articles that do not fit into our Issues will be published as well. (For those of you who like to stay up to date via RSS feeds and Bloglovin, do not worry, we will also highlight an article from each issue each day.)

Structurally, the the homepage has changed as well: The latest Issue will always be displayed here broken down into categories. Other up-to-date content can also be found here, like the Daily Dose – a section featuring smaller more blog-like traditional articles that are posted on a more frequent basis, as mentioned above.

Me and the whole LFB team are really happy to have you all along for this journey and new phase of LFB and hope that this change will be an exciting and welcomed one!

Yours, Rae