Now that we have officially reached the end of the week, I am getting pretty damned excited about being able to sleep in. Especially now that the temperature has dipped to into the single digits. Because nothing is better than pulling the covers more snuggly around yourself and knowing you don’t have to see your co-workers that day (even if you do have great co-workers like I do). Weekends are my time to be productive and work on my own side projects, but the weekend is also all about recharging, and what better way to do so in bed?

staying in

5 ways to have a cozy weekend:


: Wrap yourself up in your blankets and catch up on your favorite book whatever you may be reading. Get your partner in on this and cuddle while you flip the pages.

Breakfast in Bed

: Ok now this one requires you to actually move. But you can get right back into bed as soon as breakfast is finished. Just be careful not to get too many crumbs under the covers. No one likes a crumbly bed.

Cuddle with your Pets

: grab your fur babies and make cuddling a family affair.

A cozy Drink

: This one also requires getting out of bed. Step one: Hop into the kitchen and make yourself a cup of tea, coffee, or hot chocolate. Step two: crawl back into bed and enjoy

Watch a Movie/Netflix

: Now I am all for cuddling on the sofa and watching films on the tv, but there is something extra cozy about just grabbing your laptop and watching a movie from the comfort of your bed. My winter favorites: “Ponyo,” “Charade,” “Where the Wild Things Are,” “Ratatouille,” or “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”

stying in bed

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Stay conscious, Rae


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Rae Tilly

Rae the EIC of LFB and YEOJA Magazine. She is also a photographer and social media influencer.


  • Great ideas. I always want to stay in but then I am too tempted to discover London and end up doing too much!

    visit my new blog: Mrs in London lifestyle blog

    • rae

      Ah so you have newly moved to London then?

      • I have lived here permanently for many years and spend most if ny teenager years here too! So not that recent. But in love it nevertheless. Xx

        • rae

          I am sure that London is an incredible city and I am so excited to be coming next weekend. If you are still enthusiastic about exploring the city after living there for so long, it must be really amazing! Do you have any recommendations for what to see and do while visiting for a long weekend?

  • YES I love spending the day in bed! With a book, cup of tea, and maybe the laptop for blog reading.

  • The Tech Gypsy

    Lovely pictures, I am obsessed with greys at the moment, they make everything feel rustic and snuggly. Nothing better while the weather is getting colder. A hot water bottle for me too please!

    • rae

      Very true, and I am a huge fan of the hot water bottle winter hack!

  • I definitely love cuddling with pets. Maybe I’ll get a book in there too!

    • rae

      Ah great – what book have you been currently reading and what kind of pet do you have? The man and I have basically been spending our friday and saturday evenings cuddling with the kitties and watching netflix which is perfectly fine by me especially now that winter has set in and it is way too cold to go out most evenings anyway!

      • I’m reading a Rick Steves guidebook. :) My boyfriend & I are going on a 4 month European adventure next spring/summer. My boyfriend & I have a German Shepherd/Husky and a Russian Blue cat.

        Kitties and Netflix sounds amazing.

  • this is wonderful.

    • rae

      thanks shannan!

  • This all sounds so delightful…I am all about watching things on Netflix (obsessed with Peaky Blinders) and ordering take out…I never understand why people don’t appreciate these simple pleasures.

    • rae

      Oh I have never watched Peaky Blinders, will definitely have to take a look at that. And I agree – so many people are so concerned with appearing as if they are having the best week ever, going out to places they feel compelled to be seen at. I am all for going out and stumbling home drunk at 10 am, I mean thats part of the fun of being 20 and alive in one of the best cities in the world, but I don’t need to do it to feel like my life means something. Just a cozy night in with a great book or dinner with friends can just as satisfying.

  • And choose a rainy day, or even better – a snowy :)


    Purely Me by Denina Martin

    • rae

      very true. the worse the weather outside, the cozier it feels inside.

  • Love these photos!! Looks so cozy and makes me all warm!

    Katherine Lou

    • rae

      It’s funny how just even looking at cozy pictures can make you feel cozy as well. :)

  • Lovin the snaps!. Would love it if you could also check out my luxury brand giveaway worth £150

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    • rae

      glad you enjoyed.

  • Aaaaa, beautiful collection of bed/feet photos! Cuddling is the best thing about the weekend!

    Owl Girl | A London lifestyle blog

    • rae

      thanks Candy, and yes I def. agree. Cuddling on weekends is great

  • Nancy Wilde

    That’s why I love Autumn/Winter – can’t get any cozier. Mulled wine, hot choc (the thicker the better; I hate milky latte-ish stuff), cider, ginger tea… Laptop can feel like a pet sometimes, it’s warm and it sort of “breathes” ahah! I agree with Tara: watch Peaky Blinders asap.

    • rae

      Ha I completely agree withe the laptop statement! I always have to watch out that mine doesn’t overheat! And ok – two people have said to watch it so I will def. give it a chance!

  • Liska

    Hey Rae!
    Bin gerade über Jennypurr auf deinen Blog gestoßen, deine Posts gefallen mir echt gut. Was ich mich frage ist, wie das mit den Urheberrechten läuft? Kenne viele der Bilder, die du hier nutzt auch von Tumblr, habe aber Bedenken sie auf meinem Blog zu nutzen, da das ja leicht rechtliche Konsequenzen haben kann. Habe gesehen, dass du Fotografin bist, vielleicht weißt du da mehr?

  • Sofie bollen

    I loved this post! Nothing better than spending the weekend laying in bed and watching a movie! Sofie xx

  • FoxandMint

    Such a great idea – I’m kind of doing that now! haha

  • s dan
  • Emma Reilly

    Love all the cosy photos in this post!! Reading really does help you relax and disconnect from the world a little while :)

    Emma // alittlefreckle xx