Anatomy of this Outfit:
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This February I finally got around to doing something I haven’t done in forever. Read a mother fucking book. It’s not that I don’t reading – I read all the time: articles on websites, magazines, blogs. I just never seem to have the time or patience to sit down and read an actual book from start to finish. Which is kind of disheartening seeing as I was an avid reader as a kid. You know, the kind of kid who owned a flashlight for the sole purpose of borrowing herself under the blankets with a book as to not get caught and told off for not being a sleep way past her bed time. I also used to think that a measure of an interesting and intelligent person was if they took pleasure in reading.


But in our modern age, it just seems like there are too many damned things to do each day and setting aside time for reading a book feels like time that could be better spent getting shit done. And yet, I am sure if I spent half as much of my time actually doing work rather than scrolling mindlessly through my Facebook feed, or compulsively scrolling through instagram, liking and commenting things in a frenzied state (is it just me, or does it always feel like you could be doing more social media work on instagram?), I might just have that time for reading.


I am pretty sure that my recently developed aversion to reading books also has a lot to do with the fact that as of late, everything I have tried to read has been on my kindle. Now, I am all for convenient technology, but my heat belongs to all things “analogue”. While it’s downright magical that a paper-thin device can hold hundreds of books digitally, I feel a lack of orientation – for me it’s important to be able to physically see and touch the progress I am making when reading. Nothing beats turning real pages either. Especially if you are like me and like to flip back and forth frequently to re-read bits, like characters’ names.


In any case, one day while looking at what iTunes had to offer in the form of new releases, I was reminded of the fact that I really wanted to read “The Girl on the Train” before watching the film. After a few failed attempts to find the book – spontaneously finding books in English no matter how popular they are can be quite the feat in Berlin – I finally made the paperback purchase at my local favourite english bookstore/cafe in Fhain (seriously unsure why I didn’t try there first…) on a day where I my phone was dead and I wanted to eat a bagel alone in piece but still not be stuck staring at a wall in boredom.


I started reading in the cafe, took the book home with me, and proceeded to read until my boyfriend came home, and went back to reading on the sofa well after he was sleeping until around 4 am. Needless to say, I enjoyed the book. (If you have been living under a popular-literature rock for months like I have been, check out my review of the book here) It’s not ground-breaking literature, but it’s a fast-paced read both in content and literal time investment.


All in all, this is to say that despite not having any groundbreaking revelations about life here, it was a nice feeling to remember how good it feels to curl up on the sofa with a good read. While I no longer believe that intellect is based on one’s proclivity towards belletristic, it feels good to get swept up into another world created by the pages in a book apart from the digital world. So much of my day is consumed by being connected and online that it’s nice to escape for a few hours and dive head first into written words on a page and not a screen. 


And despite the dominant trend of minimalism and my interest in being eco-friendly, buying a good paperback book is something I never really feel guilty about. Which is why my goal is to do more of it. I’ve heard great things about “The Luminaries” and I can see it’s paperback spine from my seat in S&S. I’m pretty confident that when I leave here, I will be walking away a few Euros poorer but with a new adventure in hand.


Photography: Victoria Reinsch
Post-Processing: Rae Tashman


Rae Tilly

Rae the EIC of LFB and YEOJA Magazine. She is also a photographer and social media influencer.


  • These pictures are gorgeous, and so are you!
    I have been giving myself one hour every day to just read the novel I’m currently into (or philosophy essays because, well, that’s what I do lol). I could not agree more on the necessity of having a book in paper form and not Kindle form. I tried, but I am way too attached to the feel and the smell of books.

    Thank you for this nice, relatable read. Have a wonderful day!
    Agnese’s Coiffeuse

    • rae

      Thank you so much Agnese! And I think it’s great you are really planning reading time into your daily habits! And yes, the smell of an actual real physical book is quite a magical thing.

  • i have been reading a lot lately. i’ve always loved it, reading a book but i haven’t been able to sit down and read too due to the distractions (*cough* internet *cough*) but lately, i just get bored of the internet, of social medias that you’ll find me sitting on my bed, reading instead. so far, i’ve finished reading 2 books, each completed in just 3 days. i’m actually surprised with myself haha but i like this transition. i feel like i actually do something more meaningful rather than just browsing the internet endlessly.

    like you, i loooove physical books more than ebook but budget is a problem right now so i can’t buy on physical books. the no. of books i’ve read in my life haven’t even reached 100 and it’s all because i used to be so against ebooks. i mean, i still kinda am? i love physical books but well, beggars can’t be choosers right so i’ve been reading on my ipad lately. anything to increase the no. of books i read, you know? i do wish to buy books though because that feeling of being to touch paper is just… *thumbs up*

    i never knew people associate being minimalist or minimalism with digital books? well then, i like minimalism but i don’t try so hard to be a pro-minimalist so… i’ll buy paperbacks all the way if i have the budget for it, lol.

    speaking of girl on the train, i have yet to watch or read it. i probably will once the hype has died. it’s just like with gone girl, the hype’s everywhere! i’ll wait for it so subside.

    • rae

      I find that I too go through phases with my internet and social media intake – at the moment I am a lot more into smart social media consumption – I try to filter out all the noise and only read up and check up on people, blogs, sites, etc. that I really feel passionate about.

      I also had no idea that e-books were cheaper than physical copies but I guess it makes complete sense. I just do not purchase books (e or paperback) often enough to know.

      I think minimalism is all about letting to of a lot of what can become clutter, Marie Kondo talks about getting rid of physical books. But I would assume digital clutter also counts in this category so I would be curious to read what she has to say about digital e-book clutter!

      And eh, the film was very underwhelming – unfortunately. Even though I thought the casting was decent it just fell really flat and as much as I love Emily Blunt, the character of Rachel is really supposed to be this kind of frumpy lost past-her-prime kind of woman, and Emily will never be past her prime, so it felt like a poor casting choice and unrealistic to me.

  • I was in the middle of reading The Luminaries (well, I had just started), but then there was another book I needed to read first, so I put it to the side but never returned to it. I need to get back on that! After I finish these two books I want to get through though haha. // I’ve been pretty good about keeping up my reading habit from winter break, until now :o I’m planning to have a lil reading session after I catch up on blogs though! Probably because I’m procrastinating writing my lab :P // I’m also someone who likes to flip back and forth between pages. // Cute outfit! I love that your hat matches your sweater, and then your hair matches your pants :D Love the colours and it all looks so cosy! -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey’s

    • rae

      Super proud of how much you are able to read. I am happy if I finish a single book in a year lol. But yes, The Luminaries is quite a big read so it will take a while and funny like you I started it and put it down (not cos I was reading other things but just cos I have been busy) and haven’t managed to pick it back up yet. And thanks, yes I am quite a lover of these pants!

  • I am in love with your hair!! I have tried dying my hair a vibrant red but I can’t keep the color from fading to save my life.
    Your whole outfit screams casual and comfy, I love it.
    As an avid reader of books, I can attest that there is a phase when we can’t set aside time for reading. I fell behind my reading for the last couple of years. My Goodreads challenge for the past two years is a proof of that lol
    I haven’t read that book yet but I’ll add it on my to-read list for sure! Do you have Goodreads? I’d like to add you there if you do :)

    xo, Gillan

    • rae

      Thank you so much, Gillan! And yes, bright vibrant colors do definitely fade, but I really like the faded look so I guess I just go with it!

      I think it’s just a lot harder to keep up with reading for pleasure when you are a full adult and have so many responsibilities. It’s really sad to say, because I love to read, but when I actually to gain a moment of free time, there are so many other things I would rather do first :/

      That being said, I think it’s important to try to make time and no unfortunately I do not have good reads, but you can follow me here via bloglovin. I am also on Instagram, twitter and pinterest. :)

  • Ah, Rae! You are way too gorgeous.
    Good for you for reading a motherfcking book! I need to get back on that because I started reading a book nearly two months ago and haven’t picked it up since :(

    cabin twenty-four

    • rae

      Eena, thank you so much you are so kind, and yeah man, I was super stoked to read it, but I feel like although I hoped it would represent some big turning point in my relationship with reading, I have gotten so busy with work again that it looks like I have to set my dreams of reading aside for a bit again!

  • I recently finished reading ‘The Sky is Everywhere’ by Jandy Nelson in paperback and now, her second book in an epub format. I have more or less than 70 books and with the packing story I have on the blog, one of the huge boxes we have was my books. Hahaha! No matter how minimalist and eco-friendly I could be, I won’t regret buying the physical one just like you. There’s more to them than an ebook format. I have lots of books in my phone’s library but only read a few of them since I always crave for the actual one.

    Congratulations on reading a book! Yay! I’ll check ‘The Girl on the Train’ and might add it on my TBR list. :)

    Augustin Ra / Indie Spirit

    • rae

      I feel the same way. I really think that some of the books I “put down” that were on my kindle weren’t even books I would normally just stop having interest in – it was the e-book format that just didn’t do it for me. Have you ever read “House of Leaves”? Now that is a book that demands to be read in paperback form as the actual tangible experience of reading it is part of the whole reading experience. It’s very haunting, you should definitely check it out!

      I definitely do buy books in new places as it is hard enough to find books in English here in Berlin since I live in German speaking country, but I love the idea of looking for used books that have already been loved and can then be loved again!

      And yes, def. check it out! It’s a fast-paced read!

  • I feel the same about loving the analogue quality of books – I could read 100 online articles and 1 paperback book, and feel like I accomplished more by reading the book simply because I can see it and the progress I’ve made. That said, I do genuinely prefer books to all other forms of entertainment, so I get excited when I see people rekindle their love of reading.

    Kate |

    • rae

      That is so true – although to be honest, I am quite into my online articles – I seem to be getting more and more into reading well-written thought out articles these days and all those click baity things seem so uninteresting these days! And yes, I love the progress aspect as well – although kindles tell you a percentage, it’s honestly just not the same and never could be!

  • I’m so happy you made a reading after a long time! I have about a month without a book and I’m so disappointed, but I just don’t seem to have the time to go to a bookshop! I truly enjoy reading books, it’s a good way to pause your day and immerse into a different world /story. Btw, I’m obsessed with your hair!! Love your outfit, that leopard coat is amazing :)

    Brooks | Live. Laugh. Love. & Make Up

    • rae

      I completely understand! I feel like for the most part it’s not that we do not want to read but that we just can’t find the time.

  • merel

    I love your leopard coat! So pretty <3

    X Merel

    • rae

      Thanks so much!

  • I know the main point of this article is the book, but I’m too distracted by your pants ♡v♡ They look so comfy!!!

    • rae

      Aw thanks, yeah they are super comfy but I tripped over them a few weeks ago and ended up needing 3 stitches in my leg so I am reluctant to wear them now!

      • Ouch! That must have been a pretty bad fall. Hope you’ve recovered and do take care!

  • Diana Maria

    I feel the same way about reading, I love having the physical copy of a book. I’ve never even attempted to read a book online because I know it’s not for me. Books are the one thing I will spend and collect without feeling guilty. It’s great you’re making an effort to read more, it’s so relaxing and it’s really helped me with stress and anxiety! Hope you have a lovely Sunday Rae xx

    Sending light & love your way,
    My Lovelier Days

  • I’m so with you when it comes to paper books. Although the idea of Kindles is incredible, especially if you travel or are moving overseas like I am, I’ve still never bought one. If one appeared in my life I’d probably love it and use it, but it doesn’t beat the feeling of seeing books on your shelf or being able to flick through it and see how much progress you’ve made after a good reading session. I was one of those kids who had a hidden torch under my bed too, and in later years my parents told me they knew I was up reading because they could hear the pages turning late at night. After I changed jobs a few years back and stopped commuting to work on the train my reading took a nosedive because it meant I couldn’t get in a solid hour and a half of reading each day on the way there and home. I still don’t commute and when I get home from work or on the weekends it honestly hardly even occurs to me to pick up a book, but I try to make time on a lunch break or occasionally in the evenings and I just love it and I’m so glad I’m back into it after hardly reading anything from like for about 2 years.

  • I’ve missed anatomy of an outfit posts :) and yay for getting back into reading (once i got into the luminaries, i REALLY got into the luminaries, hope you enjoy it!) I do my reading on the the train…I actually don’t think I’d read much at all if i wasn’t commuting over an hour each day.

  • Daiana Abagnale

    Soo in love with your hair! And I love love love reading… almost when I’m in a train :)
    With love,

  • Sophie Lee

    The outfit looks so comfy but still stylish <3

    xoxo,Best Wallets for Women 2016