Although I am extremely passionate about blogging and am so thankful for the LfB community that has been growing over the years, I would be lying if I said blogging was easy. Although my day is always brightened by the new people I meet through blogging and the thoughtful comments left on LfB, blogging in general is still a field that not many people seem to understand or respect, and many long hours go into creating content that people unfamiliar with the blogging world don’t really seem to understand. Which is why I think that it is great when we can show our appreciation by highlighting what an incredible job our favorite bloggers are doing.


Haley over at Tea Party Beauty created the #BLOGGERBLOGAWARDS last year and is back bigger and better than ever. She has even started a twitter account for the awards so that everyone can keep up with all the latest news.

Here is what Haley has to say about the awards:

The Bloggers Blog Awards (in association with Jewellery Box this year) came about as a way for the community to celebrate bloggers, as no other knows just quite how much time and effort it takes to run a great blog. A magazine or company doesn’t know that most of your Saturdays are spent chasing the last little bit of sunshine just to get a good photograph, or that nearly 60% of your free time is spent tapping away at your laptop. Other bloggers know, and other bloggers are the ones who are best placed to judge the amazing blogs out there. So that’s what we do, we celebrate our fellow hard working and amazing bloggers. If you would like to nominate someone then keep on reading.. Psstttt also don’t forget to leave a reason for your nomination as these are included in the awards day booklet again this year due to how much the shortlisted people loved hearing why you voted for them, and I shall be tweeting some out too.

Voting Rules:

All entries must be submitted by 11.59pm (GMT) on 14th August
Only 1 vote per person (this is monitored & any suspicion of vote manipulation will result in all suspicious votes being discounted

How are the Votes Counted?

All votes are counted and verified by myself and an independent party
Once votes have been counted the top 3 with the highest number of votes will be shortlisted
The remaining 2 places on the shortlist will be selected by a panel of blogger judges – these are a panel of fellow bloggers (minimum 4 per category) who will read all the remaining blogs and score them based on set criteria, the scores will then be collated and the highest scorers shortlisted
Judges will not be allowed to judge in a category they can be nominated for i.e. I cannot judge the beauty category
The system has been set up to minimise vote manipulation and popularity contests – therefore a blogger with an amazing blog and 100 followers has just as much chance as a blogger with 10,000 followers. You only need 1 vote to be considered and even to go on to win.

Categories include:

  • Best Beauty Blog
  • Best Lifestyle Blog
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  • Best Fashion Blog
  • Best Food Blog
  • Best Travel Blog
  • Best Dating or Relationships Blog
  • Best Youtuber or Vlogger
  • Best Use of Social Media
  • The Girl Gang Award for Community Spirit
  • Best New Blogger on the Block
  • Best Blogging Pro
  • Best Use of Photography
  • (vote for LFB now!)

    Specific Rules, Terms & Conditions

    Now is your chance to share the love in the blogging community and vote for your favorite bloggers. Of course, it would mean the world to me if you guys voted for me, but more importantly, regardless of who your favorite bloggers are, I urge you to vote so that you can show your appreciation for all your favorite bloggers and let them know they are doing an awesome job.

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    Vote now

    Join the LFB community! Use #theCLmovement on instagram and twitter to have your content featured on LFB!

    Stay conscious, Rae


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    Rae Tilly

    Rae the EIC of LFB and YEOJA Magazine. She is also a photographer and social media influencer.


    • What an amazing way to celebrate fellow bloggers! Definitely voting for LFB!

      xo, alice / T Y P E N U

      • rae

        Thank you so much, Alice!

    • Gladly voting for you <3 good luck, babe

      Enclothed Cognition

      • rae

        Means a lot to me, Keri! Thank you so much!

    • You deserve everything! Good luck :D Voted xx -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey’s

      • rae

        Thanks so much, Audrey!

    • Awh I love this idea, it’s so true that blogging is a lot of behind the scenes work. Definitely clicking over to vote now!

      Angelina Is | Bloglovin’

      • rae

        Could not agree with you more, Angelina! And yes, there is so much more work than what people actually see appearing on the “glossy” side of a blog.

    • Such a great idea! And of course I voted for you =o) Your blog has been a gem I found while navigating through the blog world =o)

      • rae

        Thank you so much! It really means a lot to me that you enjoy LFB so much! Will do everything possible to keep the content fresh and interesting!

    • Voted! That’s so awesome :)


      • rae

        I think so too!

    • This is SO AWESOME! I absolutely love the thought behind The Bloggers Blog Awards because it is so true that only other bloggers fully understand the blood, sweat and tears that go into creating content.

      • rae

        I agree completely with you! I love anything that brings other bloggers together, because as you said, we all know just what goes into running a blog!

    • I get excited when I see you have a new post, coupled with your next adventure. Definitely voted for you <3

      • rae

        Aww thank you so much, Nicole!

    • I voted! Thanks for letting us know about this, got to vote for a few of my other favourites as well :)

      • rae

        Of course, Jane! And do let your readers know about it as well so that they can put in a vote for you too!

    • I spent sooo long voting on this the other night :) I so hope you do well as I LOVE your blog!

      Alice | Whiskey Jars Blog

      • rae

        So much fun! I am planning on sitting down with a cuppa tomorrow and doing my voting too! And thank you so much!

    • Elizabeth Hisle

      It’s soooo great to see people coming together for something like this. Even for hobby bloggers, people have NO IDEA how much work it is. It’s not like you just crank out a post in 15 minutes… this ain’t Livejournal back in the day. I’ll definitely be voting! Good luck!

      • rae

        Oh I agree entirely! I think it is so great to show each other just how strong and supportive the blogging community really is and to recognize just how much work goes into blogging! You are absolutely right, you cannot just crank out a post in 15 minutes – well some do and some can, but if you really are putting time and effort into things, you need to devote a good few hours to a post. And no, def. not LJ anymore, lol! Have fun voting and do let your readers know about the awards as well so that they can vote for you too!

    • This sounds rather interesting! I will definitely love to be able to vote.
      x Rivania | The Glam Unicorn

      • rae

        Hope you do vote, Rivania! And do let your readers know about it as well so that they can vote for you too!

    • This is so cool! What a fun idea!
      Sincerely, Sara

      • rae

        I think so too, Sara!