Berlin saw it’s first snowfall yesterday. It barely counted – it was too warm for anything to stick to the ground and everything quickly turned to a cold sleet/rain, but I still got really damned excited. The first snowfall of the year is one of those things that feels new and exciting every time. It’s on par with licking the leftover batter out of the bowl with your index finger, lying in the grass – eyes closed – with the setting sun cutting through the trees in that perfect summer way, or discovering that new song feeling – and I hope it always stays that way. So in honor of Berlin’s first barely-there day of snowy weather, I thought I would share some of my favorite festive winter finds this week.

001: p13ra | 002: p13ra | 003: sbedlington | 004: wishwishwish
005: alexstrohl | 006: wallfloweraimee | 007: p13ra | 008: ingamihov | 009: tylergbrewer

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