In late summer Nick and I took a trip to the Baltic Sea to go car camping. The last time I had been camping I was a 12 year old Girl Scout, but I had remembered the whole camping thing being one of the only reasons I stuck the whole thing out so damned long.

baltic sea pinecone in hand

I took some time off from work and Nick rented a car. We then piled into a small french sedan and drove up to the Baltic Sea. Now for those of you who aren’t that acquainted with Germany, yes there really is an autobahn and no there are no speed limits. Well, technically there are speed limits in specific zones along the highway that warrant them, but for the most part, the autobahn has none.

baltic sea pinecones

Yep, nada. Germans just sort of trust the judgement of their people and assume you have the common sense to drive responsibly. In Germany, speed a dangerous driver does not make. The US is another story. We are taught that speed = recklessness. If you are taught to drive properly, you will see that actually, this is not the case.

baltic sea clothesline

That being said, I might be living in Germany for over five years, but I am still an American and I am generally on the autobahn on average all of once a year – if even. So I still haven’t really gotten used to the whole 100 mph+ thing. So, as we drove up north, I alternated between trying to sleep in order not to be physically confronted with the speed – a technique I perfected with my last boyfriend – and freaking the fuck out while my eyes were open.

camp grounds

And so, after about a dozen heart attacks and two hours being stuck behind trucks and tractors on a local highway consisting of two lanes, we were there. We drove down to the camping place, unpacked our tent, put it together, and didn’t take it down for four days.

I have actually been to the Baltic Sea a handful of times before – always with a boyfriend. It’s close enough to Berlin to drive to but far enough away where going there still feels like a holiday. And it’s kinda like that view on the hilltop where boyfriends take their girlfriends to impress them. You know a relationship is getting serious when your girlfriend tells you her boyfriend wants to take her to the Baltic Sea.

And for all the times I have visited, I have actually not once step foot in the water. I’ve always been too late in the summer or early in the fall – or maybe it’s just that we are still in Germany despite being on the coast and there really aren’t that many days that are warm enough for swimming. Still, I much prefer the Baltic Sea on the off season, when things are less crowded and it’s easier to be closer to nature. I have got exploring in my veins, whether it means moving time zones away from where I grew up, hoping in a car and spending a few days on the road, or camping in late summer. The next big destination on my list of places to go? Iceland.


I guess I never really imagined that I would become the sort of person that feels rooted when they are in some sort of transient state – the only constant being the relative frequency at which they move. It come and goes like the tides and I change my mind too damned often, but I feel ready to move to someplace new in the next few years. What I wouldn’t give to go travelling for a good six months.

But until then, I will be drinking my fill of looking at beautiful pictures from places I have never been before that are just too damned wonderful, at least in my head. Although, it is also always good to slow down and enjoy where you are at any given time because life in Berlin is pretty freaking awesome and I have never felt more sure of my life then now.

Photography: Rae Tashman

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Rae Tilly

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  • I love the Baltic Sea. I grew up in Germany, kinda, I was teeny tiny back then, and the Baltic Sea was one of the few places we could go to on holidays. and even afterwards, when the world had opened up, we went back there quite often. I love it. your pics bring back great memories. I have to bring my boyfriend there. he’d love it too. thanks

    • rae

      I am glad that these photos could bring back happy memories. Where exactly were you living if not exactly in Germany?

  • I love these photographs – so beautiful!

    • rae

      Thanks, Sophie!

  • To be honest, I’m not much of a camping person! I do love a road trip though. I couldn’t imagine going that fast over what the speed limit would be here haha, I’d be too afraid!

    • rae

      Haha, camping is definitely not for everyone, and believe me, even when camping I still do have to have my eyebrows on point and some blush on my cheeks. Road trips are really awesome. I have always had this romantic dream of taking one across the west in the US, but I haven’t yet been able to make that one a reality yet!

  • “You know a relationship is getting serious when your girlfriend tells you her boyfriend wants to take her to the Baltic Sea.”
    This made me laugh out loud, such beautiful photographs, and I now want to go camping

    • rae

      I am glad you got a kick out of this post ;) and I hope that you get to go camping soon!

  • wow these are beautiful photos! I’ve been to Germany once before, and was on the highway as a passenger, driving super fast and it made me soooo sick!

    • rae

      Thanks so much, glad that you enjoyed! And oh no! Driving fast can do that!

  • Gurl, I don’t think it’s anything compared to driving on these Thai roads! The drivers are poorly educated and go either at breakneck speed or ridiculously slow. I’ve had about a hundred mini-cardiac arrests and I’ve only been here less than 2 months. 4 months to go, wish me luck! P.s: beautiful photos by the way! Xo

    • rae

      That I believe! And how exciting! What has brought you to Thailand and why are you staying only for 6 months?

      • It’s all perks of working online! My boyfriend and I both work online so we really had no excuse to stay in one spot. We’re wanting to see a bit of the world while we can! Next up is New Zealand again which I’m fairly excited about! Xx

  • Jessica (What To Style)

    Lovely pictures!! =)
    Thanks for visiting my blog!

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  • Vera

    This pictures are stunning! I hoped you had fun camping in the Baltic Sea, it must be a beautiful place!
    With love,

  • Beautiful photos! So peaceful and calming, makes me want to go camping!

  • Beautiful photos. Looks like you had a wonderful time

    Made in Mauve

  • isa machado
  • Awesome pictures :) I have never been camping and this looks so much fun <3

    <3 Mash

  • LOVE these pictures!! So soft and dreamy looking! I just love camping and all the beauty nature holds. Nice job! :)

  • ah, you defintely have to go to iceland! it’s so beautiful! and if you can get the time off work and you’re going back to the states to visit icelandair will offer really affordable/free stopovers for up to a week because they want the tourism! definitely worth looking into. :)

    and your little camping trip looks beautiful, i can’t remember the last time i did anything like camping. when i was in california recently my friend and i stayed in cabin in big sur for three nights, but it’s not the same as actually being in a tent on the ground. it’s not necessarily my first preference but it would be great to give it a try with a partner or a group of friends.

    little henry lee

  • These were amazing! Newcomer here and your photography is stunning!! Anyway, the Baltic sea would be amazing to see, someday and such a good feeling to know you are where you need to be.