In the past I have completely avoided using social media as a platform for expressing my condolences or opinion when it comes to any tragic event that has happened around the world in the age of social media. I have also avoided tweeting or facebooking my condolences when it comes to the deaths of famous and/or influential people. I am not condoning or condemning those who do or don’t, but for me personally, I have always been of the opinion that my words on a social media platform about a tragedy will never be enough and will always fall short. I am a very political person and try to keep up with current events, and definitely have my fair share of opinions but keep them to myself becuase I just feel that for me, social media is not the place and anything I could or would say would just take away from the actual gravity of the situation.

That being said, last night there was a terrible incident that took place just a few hours before I decided to sit down and write this post. No more or less terrible than any other event that has happened in modern or ancient history to date, but one that has happened in my own backyard, just an S-Bahn or U-Bahn ride away. Because of this, I have decided to address the topic.

Let me tell you – it is an odd feeling checking a button on Facebook to let people know you are not dead. It is an odd feeling to get messages and phone calls from those asking if you are safe. It is an odd feeling to sit there and mentally go through your list of friends, colleagues, and acquaintances to make sure they are safe and accounted for.

At this point in time, it is unclear if the events that unfolded were a terrible accident or a deliberate action, but suffice it to say when word began flooding Berlin that 12 people were killed in today’s incident, the first thing that sprung to mind was it’s eerie similarity to the incident in France on Bastille Day this past summer. Regardless of the motives (or lack thereof) behind today’s tragedy, it pains me that we live in such times where when something catastrophic happens, we must worry that the act was deliberate first and fear for our own safety.

I want you all to know that I am safe as are those I hold dearest. But with all that has been going on in the world as of late – the unrest in Aleppo, the assassination of Russian Ambassador Andrey G. Karlov, and the rise of racism and hatred spearheaded by extreme right wing individuals in both America and Europe to name a few – I have to wonder what the future holds for humanity.

I know there is good in this world – I have seen it first hand. But it’s moments like these where I truly question the fate and longevity of human kind.


Rae Tilly

Rae the EIC of LFB and YEOJA Magazine. She is also a photographer and social media influencer.


  • Oh wow, i can imagine how strange it musg have felt to tell facebook you are safe… really such a tragedy. May justice win!
    xx finja |

    • rae

      It was a very very odd feeling and yes I really do hope that light and kindness is what humanity will ultimately be remembered for!

  • I’m glad that you’re safe, Rae. Condolences to the people who died. Although, the news all over the world especially seeing actual videos of it on the web breaks my heart. How did our world ended up like this? It’s just too sad that we’re already living in a world of inhumanity and I hope people will realize how alarming it has been. :(

    Augustin Ra / Indie Spirit

    • rae

      Sadly, I think that the world has always been like this. Since mankind there has been warfare of some sort – it’s just that this kind of terrorism is the face of our time. I do really hope though that overall, humanity can put it’s selfishness and anger aside to create a world that we can all be proud to be part of. This planet is only as good as the worst person in it.

  • I can’t believe what has happened and my heart goes out to those people who died. It’s an absolute tragedy. Words will never fully express our sorrow but we have to have hope that justice will be done. xx

    • rae

      It is so sad. I hate hearing about the loss of innocent lives. I hope for some sort of justice as well but I am not sure what “justice” that should even be as I also do not think that an eye for an eye is the right mentality for humanity to have.

  • I’m terribly sorry, Rae. There is so much cruelty and sorrow recently, and I cannot imagine how you and other Berliners must feel right now. I was in Berlin during the Orlando shooting and was very moved by the memorial in front of the Brandenburg Gate — my thoughts are with Berlin today.

    • rae

      Thank you so much for your kind words. It is just such a heartbreaking reality that we live in where war is no longer fought on a battlefield but that individuals feel the need to exercise their hate on unassuming innocent people who are just trying to enjoy life – whether it is in a night club, or otherwise. As I said, I do not in anyway diminish the frustration that some people feel but frustration should NEVER be translated into hate.

  • I’m glad that you’re safe Rae. Such a terrible terrible tragedy. My thoughts goes out to you and the people affected with this tragedy.

    My wish this Christmas is to have a world where we can all live in peace. No more wars and hurting each other.

    I have hope that we can all achieve this.

    • rae

      Thank you so much Christine! I think I have stopped wishing for world piece but I do wish that kindness will be the response of humanity in more cases than not.

  • Rae, as I always write in the comments, you’re an amazing writer and you know exactly how to put your thouhgts in words. I’m very concerned (As I want to think, we all are) by the events that are happening nowadays, and it makes me wonder why the evil in people is winning more than the good? I can’t seem to find the answer yet, but I know that it is out there. Hold on there, we are going to be okay, I have faith that love and good will win at the end. My prayers and kindness is with Berlin. I’m really grateful that you’re pshyically fine.

    • rae

      Thank you so much for your kind words – I just hope that the events that unfolded do not generate more hatred in both directions, especially hatred unfairly directed at all refugees and Merkel – which we have already seen start to happen here and it is very disheartening.

  • Really glad you’re safe Rae. Beautiful post, and I really do appreciate and respect your stance on using social media as a platform to openly discuss political views. That being said, I can’t even begin to imagine how you’re feeling right now.


    • rae

      Thank you so much, Marta. The times we currently find ourselves are very odd ones. I know that violence has been a part of human history, but this kind feels like something very different.

  • really really glad you are safe, beloved rae. deep condolences to everyone who passed. sending strength to everyone there. there’s been an earthquake in one of the city in indonesia few weeks ago and i completely understand the feeling of anxiously refreshing facebook or twitter just to see who safe (i have two friends who currently work there and they are safe). 2016 has been a terrible year and it seemed like it wouldn’t stop until the last minute. the hatred and violence are too strong in the world nowadays and everyone seem to resort to those two options. i hope things would only getting better from this moment on. don’t ever suppress or lose your voice, sweetest. if you want to address something that’s been bothering your mind in this space, do so. and most importantly, never lose the kindness you have <3 i can't do anything more than putting you in my prayer today. just know you'll be in my mind <3

    • rae

      Thank you so much and I am so glad to hear that you and your friends are also safe. And yes, you are right one of the beauties of having a blog is having the platform to speak about what we want to speak about but although I do like to discuss political topics here on LFB I do generally try to keep my tweeting, fb updates and blog entries removed from directly commenting on current events as I just do not think it is the place for it for me personally. That being said, I did feel the need to finally touch upon it slightly as this one did personally affect me.