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A few weeks ago, I professed my undying love for pomegranates, which are amazing on their own but also great in recipes. I had also promised a recipe as well, so here it is! I popped into this really cute cafe in Neukölln a few weeks ago, which was basically the inspiration for this little number. Their’s featured beets as well, which was a lovely touch, but not necessarily necessary. The best part is that this is super simple to prepare and makes for a great breakfast, lunch or snack depending on how hungy you are. The only thing that you need to make time for is de-seeding that mother effing pomegranate… Read on, to learn how to whip up this little guy.

avotoast for

avotoast for

Vegan avocado toast with pom seeds

2 Avocados
Bread (make sure to get bread without dariy or eggs if you are vegan)
1 pomegranate
mint leaves
honey or agave nectar (depending if you are keeping vegan and your opinion on honey)
1 lime
a handful of walnuts (either chopped or crushed)
salt and pepper to taste

001: Slice the bread and set aside
002: In a small bowl, combine the avocado with 2 tablespoons of lime and some salt and pepper. Set aside
003: De-seed the pomegranate and set aside
004: Take your mashed avocado and place a generous amount on your bread
005: Top with pomegranate seeds and crushed walnuts, and a few mint leaves
006: Drizzle a bit of agave nectar or honey on top and add salt and pepper to taste

Photography: Rae Tashman

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  • OMG this looks so delicious! Can I have some please??!! :)
    xoxo Lynda

    • rae

      You def. have to try to make this!

  • Yum!! Such a great way to start the day feeling fresh :D -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey’s

    • rae

      Totally :)

  • I would never have thought of pomegranate and mint with avocado! Looks fancy.

  • I’ve never had pomegranate with anything else than pomegranate haha, I should really try this out. It looks yummy !

    xx, Charlie.

    • rae

      If you try it out, let me know how you like it!

  • Haha, is it weird that I find deseeding a pomegranate quite theraputic? I never thought about adding pomegranate to my avocado toast – it’s sure to kick it up a notch!

    becky | star violet

    • rae

      LOL! That’s really funny it always makes me super impatient! Hope you get to try this!

  • Mmm…it looks delicious. I want to eat it so badly! I’ve never thought of putting pomegranate seeds on anything. I actually just eat it plain!

    xx Bash | Bash Says Hey | bloglovin’

    • rae

      You have to try it!

  • this is one of my favorite things to make but i never would have thought of pomegranate seeds! definitely going to try it :)

    • rae

      Please do and let me know how it turns out!

  • YUM. I will be trying this.

    Jenn |

    • rae

      Let me know how it turns out, Jennifer!

  • I love pomegranates and I love avocado toast….not sure why I never thought to put the two together but it looks delish!


    • rae

      You have to do it!

  • i so love this…will surely try this.

    kisses from dubai ♥

    • rae

      Hope you do! Let me know how it turns out!

  • that looks delicious, especially with lime juice! i love avocado on toast, i’m not vegan so i make a variation of it with poached eggs/mushrooms/fried tomato, etc all the time. it’s one of the easiest things to cook but it always tastes great.

    jessica –

    • rae

      That sounds amazing too! Anything with avocado and I am there.

  • Stephanie Louise

    Rae, you know pomegranates have that magical power over people – including me! And avocado? Count me in. This is a recipe to try :)

    • rae

      Hope you like it, Stephanie!

  • i bet the walnuts add really great crunch and taste. and i love that mint is involved too. i am actually growing mint in my herb garden and thought to mainly use them for tea because i love fresh mint tea but now i’ll have to add them to toast! looking forward to trying this recipe!

    • rae

      Oh they definitely do, but I have had bad luck sometimes with really nasty tasting walnuts (they had this weird waxy taste) so you def. need to use good walnuts! And how cute, I can’t really grow anything because I have such a black thumb :(

  • I’ve had avocado toast before but your version is even better – I will definitely be trying it :)

    Pop over to my blog!


    • rae

      Please do and let me know how it turns out!