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This week I basically spent the time sick with a cold, although that has not stopped me from still trying to get shit done. (Workaholism has gotten me into this sniffily mess, but I can’t seem to ever sit still for more than 5 seconds. I swear I really need to start up my yoga routine again and dive back into the gym and regular skate sessions because physical activity is the only time I can actually not work and not feel guilty at the same time.)

Modelling for Broke + Schön

Also had a look at some of the photos I shot with Broke + Schön from their recent selection of new merch.

Finally sent off my absentee ballot, picked up a crap load of packages, and have been furiously planning LFB posts. I was also recently featured on Broke + Schön‘s facebook page, modelling one of the two looks I put together while visiting their store to talk about some exciting future work together. Did some blog work on the weekend and celebrated my girl Amy’s birthday on Friday night.

On the web

Love from Berlin's favorite links from around the web

001: An interesting perspective on wearing more.
002: As a blogger who has been at the game for quite some time and who knows just how much hard work goes into every post and maintaining a blog, Sharon’s post about knowing your worth really hit home.
003: Looking to up your green points? Here are 5 easy ways to be more sustainable.
004: Loving these at-home portraits of Ally and Casey.
005: It’s scary that #thisis2016 and Asian Americans are still having to deal with all sorts of uneducated comments and racism.
006: Totally in love with Cardiff’s new Indie-Vibes Bar in The Novotel Cardiff.
007: It’s the perfect time of year for a Roasted beet salad. Just make sure to hold the goat cheese if you want to keep things vegan!
008: Talking over women is not ok. Let’s end mansplaning for good.
009: At a loss on what to watch on Netflix? Then check out Oh January’s list.

Video of the week

Loving both this song and this video.

sources:,,, and Rae Tashman

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