Christmas in Berlin

Sit down, and grab a cuppa, cos this week’s Weekends Read is a long one. A bit later than schedule, but hey, better late then never if you ask me. Catch up with me and hear all about what happened in Berlin this week, and check out some of my recommended weekends reads:

In life

Geschenkidee Blogger Event

Geschenkidee Event in Berlin

Jasmin of My Berlin Fashion and Matze from Mit Vergnuegen

This week I had the pleasure of attending Geschenkidee‘s* blog event where two incredible bloggers, Matze from Mit Vergnuegen and Jasmin of My Berlin Fashion talked about the advice they would give to other bloggers. I always enjoy hearing about other bloggers’ journeys as well as what they have learnt along the way and completely support openness, helpfulness, and transparency amongst bloggers and within the blogging community.

Geschenkidee Event in Berlin

Geschenkidee Event in Berlin

Geschenkidee Event in Berlin

Geschenkidee Event in Berlin

I also feel like blogging can feel like such a detached and isolating job at times when the bulk of the work is done from home, so being able to participate in events with other bloggers that isn’t an opening or launch but focused on supporting fellow bloggers and growing the face-to-face community was a very rewarding and welcoming experience. If you would like to learn more about the event and find out more about all the other bloggers who attended, click here.

Geschenkidee Event in Berlin

Geschenkidee Event in Berlin

Geschenkidee Event in Berlin

Geschenkidee Event in Berlin

BeCycle and Fabletics Spin Event

Also attended BeCycle‘s and Fabletics‘ spinning event. Now let me tell you – I am not an athletically inclined individual. Besides skateboarding and clubbing, and that one time where I got really into fitness for a few months a few years back I don’t really “do” exercise. But I would like to and I would really like to get back into some kind of regular routine, so attending a spin class was a perfect entry into trying to become more athletic.

fabletics and becycle event

fabletics and becycle event

I am pretty sure I would have never signed up for a spin class on my on accord – mainly because the idea scared the shit out of me – so having been given the opportunity to do so through blogging was a pretty rad experience and although it was as hard as I expected – I was sweating buckets and privately swearing to myself the whole time – I made it through the class and even got a “runner’s high” halfway through. Seriously considering trying to incorporate a spin class into my week. I have to say that I was also extremely impressed with the instructor and her ability to motivate. Having someone shout at you for 45 minutes has never felt more good. I swear when it comes to fitness or learning something, the instructor makes all the difference.

Be Cycle takes fitness to another level not only with their course, but their facility – they have towels on hand for your workout as well as towels on hand for showering, private showers equipped shampoo and conditioner, blow dryers and lockers (WITH USB CHARGERS INSIDE, WUT?!). It’s definitely a luxury, but I love this concept because it means you do not have to bring a bulky gym bag with you which is a huge time saver if you are living in a city and want to actually do stuff after your course. They are also attached to this incredible healthy cafe called My Goodness Berlin, which means you can nourish your body with engergy balls and smoothies after you kill it on the bike for 45 minutes. My only complaint? My arse is STILL sore.

fabletics and becycle event

fabletics and becycle event

fabletics and becycle event

With roses in my hair – shooting for Leni of

Other than that, the rest of my time has been spent with the boy (I swear I find new reasons why I like the guy each and every day), getting together one last time for drinks before one of my dearest friends Betti and her boyfriend move back to the UK and working with Leni on two shoots, as well as finally sitting down and catching up with the blog.

Current Giveaways – the winner

Just announced the winner on my instagram! Be sure to have a look and see if it’s you!

On the web

Love from Berlin's favorite links from around the web

001: Totally crazy about these delicious gingerbread Lara Bar balls! If only they carried Lara Bars in Berlin – I literally lived off of them while studying at NYU back in university during the summer.
002: The 13 most empowering movies of the 90s.
003: Absolutely in love with these festive vibes.
004: Why Times’ Trump cover is a subversive work of political art.
005: Zoé Lawrence makes the experiences of women of color visible.
006: Definitely need to try out these sugared cranberries.

i-D Meets: Hari Nef

I absolutely love what Hari Nef has to say. If you haven’t met this incredible human being yet, then watch this video RIGHT NOW.

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  • I’ve wanted to try a spin class in a while =o) It’s great that you tried and it and like it =o)

    • rae

      You should def. do it! It’s an insane 45 minutes, but only 45 minutes so definitely manageable! And you will feel really great after.

  • Alya Mooro

    Love this post, your photo are gorgeous!

    moorizZLA xxx

    • rae

      Thanks so much, Alya!

  • Cycling looks like fun! I am super intimidated about it though. I’m afraid, I might not make it until the end haha.


    • rae

      I was too, but I am so glad I gave it a go and you totally should do too!

  • Ahw I love the idea of that blogging event! As someone who doesn’t do product reviews I sometimes feel left out of blogging events that are all about product launches. It’s nice just to get together and share ideas and have a chat sometimes! Hari Nef is so stunningly beautiful, and what an interesting view of youth culture. I like that her observations are more in depth than the typical “young people spend all their time on their phones!!” narrative that can get boring and obvious sometimes xx


    • rae

      Hari Nef’s view on youth culture is one of the more intellectually well-worded and thought provoking ones I have heard out there without verging on self aggrandizing (a polar opposite to this particular video put out by vice: (This video is literally painful to watch).

  • That is one thing I want to do this year– attend a blogger’s event. And yes, Lara bars are my current boyfriend. I don’t even know if they will replace a flesh and blood boyfriend. When that ever happens.

    • rae

      I really hope you get to do so soon! And yes Lara bars are so good. I used to live off of them in the US.

  • I can see tons of presents under your Christmas tree! Yay! ♥ The food looks delicious too!!! Hope to hear from you soon!

    Love, Airish
    Gorgeous Glance

    • rae

      It’s a tree from the event! Geschenkidee was kind enough to gift us all some goodies!

  • Lovely read. Your blog is do beautiful! Thx for the hint on the berlin blogger event, will check out those other bloggers mentioned. Then there are actually some Strawberries waiting in my fridge, might as well pimp them!:)
    xx finja |

    • rae

      Thanks so much Finja! And yes, def. take a look at all the other wonderful bloggers who attended! And ahhh nice! Have fun with pimping out your strawberries!

      • checking them out right now… gosh how distracted you get by the internet but really like the disqus functionality to keep up with the communication flow :):)

  • And another lovely photos on my one of the most favourite blogs I actually read ♥ ʕ•́ᴥ•̀ʔっ

    * How to be Parisian chic *

  • I always love your Weekend Reads posts, Rae. You curate such great links, and it’s nice to hear a bit of a recap on what you’ve been up to. The spin class sounds painfully awesome, LOL. I’ve never been good at group classes that are stationary like that on a bike, but maybe I’ll have to give one a try.

    Kathryn •

    • rae

      Aww thank you so much, Kathryn, so glad that you enjoy them and the links that have been selected as well! You def should give a spin class a go – it’s only 45 minutes so if it really isn’t for you, you will know rather quickly!

  • The spinning event looks like it was littttttt. Also My Goodness Berlin looks delish. // The preview of the shoot with Leni intrigues me! When do we get to see the final?? :D -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey’s

    • rae

      Oh it was so insane but also such a good experience! And I am not sure, but once I find out when it goes up online, I will definitely let you know!