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001: My good friend Eva is in town visiting for the weekend, so we have been hanging out and having massive amounts of good times – including going to this incredible art event at the Direktorenhaus, visiting the weekend markets, and halloween party hopping in Berlin with Bettie and co.
002: Shot a really fun series of photos for LFB with Sandro this weekend, so stay tuned for those!

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weekly links to interesting sites -

001: I’m all about these incredible stuffed sweet potatoes!
002: 10 signs you are a book lover.
003: The most incredible ruins in the world.
004: Wishing more people with a large following had the guts to smash age-based sexism like Daniel Craig.
005: These incredible travel photos from Stockholm, Sweden.
006: This article highlights just exactly what money can buy and how unfair the system really is. #theprisonabolitionistmovement
007: This article on The Onion about a cake left out in a break room with no instructions literally had me in stitches.


Quinoa in Florence, Italy

001: Globetrotting 012: Quinoa Gluten Free in Florence, Italy – Check out this amazing gluten-free restaurant in Florence, Italy.
002: Instafinds 025: Let’s go adventuring! – Stunning instagram photos of travel.
003: No flowers at my door – Some thoughts on love.

From the archives

interior inspiration

001: In the home 006 – looking for some bohemian interior inspiration? Then catch up with this post.
002: My Kiez 003: Original Unverpackt: Check out this incredible shop that has done away with packaging here in Berlin.

photography by: Camillestyles/a>, Romantiquely, ohladycakes, and Rae Tashman

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