It’s crazy how just changing spaces can create such a different atmosphere. Even though about 80% of the furniture in my new flat was brought over from my old place, the extremely high ceilings and wood flooring just make everything look absolutely perfect.

The kitchen has finally been built, but is lacking a table or shelves and the guest room and studio are still a work in progress. The bedroom and living room are shaping up nicely, however. Today, I thought I would share with you the progress that has been made on the living room. The space is 80% complete. I still have some new shelves to build, a dining table to buy and place by the window, to put up a light, decorate the walls, and add some plant life (mostly succulents because my cats will eat everything else) but the place is already feeling pretty cozy already.

Pretty sure that I can safely say this new flat is slowly turning into my perfect bohemian oasis – and I could not be more excited about it. There is just something so satisfying about living in a space that you truly feel reflects both you as a person and your own personal style completely.

Boho interior living room - photographed by: Rae Tashman - for:

Boho interior living room - photographed by: Rae Tashman - for:

Boho interior living room - photographed by: Rae Tashman - for:

Boho interior living room - photographed by: Rae Tashman - for:

Boho interior living room - photographed by: Rae Tashman - for:

Boho interior living room - photographed by: Rae Tashman - for:

Boho interior living room - photographed by: Rae Tashman - for:

Boho interior living room - photographed by: Rae Tashman - for:

Boho interior living room - photographed by: Rae Tashman - for:

Boho interior living room - photographed by: Rae Tashman - for:

Boho interior living room - photographed by: Rae Tashman - for:

photography by: Rae Tashman

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Rae Tilly

Rae the EIC of LFB and YEOJA Magazine. She is also a photographer and social media influencer.


  • Looks great! I especially love the wooden floors. Living in UK it is a rare treat to see wooden floors :D


  • LOVE YOUR FURNITURE! The table <3 it looks really rustic too ;-) totally my style too. Yeah, like Lii said, UK houses/flats rarely have wooden floors and I'm totally weirded out by having carpets all the time… especially if you spill something gross on it ha!

    Cherie | sinonym

  • I love the sofa and I need that book! Is the thing with the cherry blossom print a thermos? -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey’s

  • What a beautiful space! It’s like I would never want to leave! Love how you decorated! =)

    – Cielo

    Mermaid in Heels

  • This is such a cosy space I love how simple it looks

    Beauty Candy Loves

  • This look is amazing! I really love the couch.

    you’ve done a great job

  • Gorgeous tabletop and your apartment has great lighting.

    xx Falasha

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  • sileas

    Looks absolutely clean, cozy and gorgeous! I love wooden floors and you got a nice set of pillows ;)

  • ChristineIversen

    Looks so pretty :-D x

    Makeup, Beauty & Fashion

  • lovely interior and cute kitty :)

  • Love the interior it’s so clean yet relaxing
    Farrah | Blue Jazzmin

  • It looks so pretty and white, love the pillows! x

    Ariadna || RAWR BOWS

  • That carved table is STUNNING. What a magical piece of furniture – is there a story behind it?

  • Everything looks so great! I love the light and brightness of your place. Also your furniture choices are ace.

    Chelsey |

  • Love how minimalistic this all looks, absolutely love it! x

  • Your new place looks great ^_^ It’s crazy how ceiling heights just make places look so different. I wish heightened ceilings were more common in the States. Looking forward to seeing future interior posts :B

  • ah that’s some apartment envy! i love that grey sofa. i think i need one *-* the way you styled it makes it look super homey. and look at the cat walks and curls ;_; mah hart mah sole


  • Looks so good. Love the simplistic placement of all the books

  • Sybil

    nice mix of patterns! and the sunlight is amazing!

    Have a great day!

    Animated Confessions

  • The space looks amazing and look at all of that natural light =o) Looks like the perfect place to enjoy a good book and a cup of coffee =o)

  • The Reader’s Tales

    Hello Rae, hahaha… so, the little cat eats your plants… Anyway, I’m a massive fan of succulents and fresh flowers. Your flat has such a nice daylight ;-)

  • Your space looks absolutely gorgeous, Rae! White walls and wooden floors are definitely part of my dream home vision. Can’t wait to see the finished space!


  • You are so lucky with those high ceilings. They immediately make any house look more spacious and are one of the only criteria I will never budge on when home-hunting!

    I absolutely love how you’ve designed this space as well…it looks like it’s come straight from Pinterest. It’s not only YOUR perfect bohemian oasis…but definitely mine too!

    Katie. xx La Coco Noire

  • Trang Do

    Love this space, looks so amazing!!

    Love from {a lifestyle, fashion, beauty, and food blog}

  • megsiobhan

    I love the space so much! Looks like the kind of comfy I would want if I had my own place.

    Meg | A Little Twist Of…

  • Such a lovely space <3

  • The place is looking beautiful Rae! Glad everything it starting to come together. I love that carved wooden table you’ve got.

    Jane / deluminators

  • So many pillows! Paradise! :)

  • Love how bright it all is x And your cat is so pretty!

  • beautiful space! well decorated too! :)

  • I need to read that book on your table! x

  • Eleonora

    So minimal chic! <3



  • Only 20% more to go!! This is a beautiful space. I’m in love with that wood flooring and the amount of natural light flowing in! Also, WHERE DID YOU GET THAT TABLE?!

  • That looks like a book I need to buy! Beautiful space by the way;)

  • Ooh how exciting, decorating spaces is always such a fun time! Wooden floors and high ceilings make everything better xxx
    Lucy @ La Lingua | Food, Travel, Italy

  • Caliope Couture

    Your new place looks lovely so far…wooden floors like this are so pretty and I love how your cat is soaking up the sun! I know it has always taken me a while until everything has found its place after a move. And I absolutely love the title of that coffee table book :)
    Christina ♥

  • Lovely. It looks like there’s a lot of natural light which is always so inviting. Not to mention, it’s perfect for blogging & taking photos. :]

    // ▲ ▲

  • Loving the vibes of this decor!

    XO, Jessi

  • Your place is looking goooorgeous, I’m so glad the move is going well! And the light quality is beautiful. I love that your cat is sunbathing in the background of these photos, haha. Your stacked book collection is super cute, I’ve started doing that with mine because I’ve already filled up the bookshelves… xx


  • I love the look of your new place!! I’m a total sucker for wooden floorboards, not to mention that all-important natural lighting :)

  • Oh my goodness, your place is looking amazing! I am not going to lie, I am totally geeking out over that coffee table…and those cushions!! <3


  • Omg, I love all those cushions on the sofa!! Such a lovely personal touch – can’t wait to see more of your apartment :)

    Pop over to my blog!


  • Thanks for sharing your amazing living room style, I love how you’ve style the small space but still made it to appear spacious and airy! Love that wooden engraved table, its sooo lovely.

    **The Chic Edit – Bohemian Blog**