On the 3rd of March, Ritter Butzke hosts “Karneval de Purim” a celebration of the Jewish holiday Purim, which dates back to the year 480 BC.

The story goes a bit like this (in short): A Jewish man pissed off Haman, the prime minister of King Ahasuerus, who then wanted to take out all the Jews in his nation because of it. Fortunately, the King’s wife, queen Esther-who was secretly Jewish-convinced the king otherwise and to get rid of his prime minister instead. This established a tradition of Jews getting blindly drunk in fancy dress every year to celebrate.

Karneval de Purim have invited a strong line up of international, Jewish and Berlin local DJs and performers-including Israeli Eurovision song contest winner Dana International as Queen Esther,-to mark the occasion. We urge you to dress up in a mask or fancy outfit and come join the party.

If you would like to attend we are giving away guest list spots for you and a friend. Head over to our Instagram and check out the post on how to win.

Who: fujiKATOIonah IneptJake The RapperLt.DanMarion CobrettiModest CrowNIPPLKhen ElmalehRobert OwensSyriantal سًـوِريّآنٌتُآلَYesh Who

What: Karneval de Purim

Where: Ritter Butzke

When:  03/03/18

Aaron Beattie

Aaron is a British Ex-Pat living in Berlin. In addition to working for LFB and contributing articles, he is also a music producer and DJ.