Listen to the Podcasts!

Many of LFB’s longer posts are also available in the form of a podcast! Take a listen and please let me know what you think! Now you can listen to LFB’s longer posts while at work so you won’t get in trouble by your boss for reading my blogposts. Read through the list of posts below, or check them all out here.

001: Conscious living 001: On Time This post is all about how we spend our time and making the most out of it by doing what we love.
002: Photograephie 007: A whole new sort of thing This post is all about taking the plunge into the world of wedding photography and pursuing a dream.
003: Visual Stimulation 041: Bellerby and Co. In addition to being about the beautiful bespoke maps created by Bellerby and Co., this post is also about challenging us to rethink consumption, the difference between an object and a thing, and a collection versus clutter.