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I can never get enough of hearty winter veggies, grilled carrots and sweet potatoes being some of my favorite. Which is why I am crazy about a Better Happier St. Sebastian’s sweet potato fries with cilantro lime dipping sauce. It’s a bit of an indulgence, but one you do not have to feel too guilty about. For my plant-based readers, you can easily swap out the greek yogurt for a vegan variety, like soy yogurt.

My other favorite vegetable in winter? Surprise surprise, the brussel sprout. These guys get such a bad rep, but hear me out. I mean, seeing as we are no longer 6 years old, hiding vegetables in our napkins at the dinner table or flat-out refusing to eat the green on our plates, we should all be able to give sprouts a chance. Ok, so apparently I am really passionate about my root vegetables. Stepping off my soapbox now. But still, if you are a bit unsure about sprouts, a great place to start would be with Tinyspoon’s recipe. Both recipes make excellent sides to a larger meal or snacks on their own. Enjoy, and eat up!

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