Henry Hargreaves and Caitlin Levin began a project that turned into something quite different along the way. Beginning as an investigation into how “history’s most notorious dictators ate and used food deprivation as a weapon to punish insubordinates,”(1) they quickly realized that hunger is still very much a contemporary issue as well. And this is where the project took a turn:

That’s when the pair switched gears and decided to also juxtapose the decadent meals eaten by the rich across the globe with the stark fare struggling individuals consume. The food on the tablecloth represents the meals of the privileged and the meager grub on the bare table represents a diet of the poor.(2)

With this piece, the idea is to have ‘haves and have nots’ look across from the table at one another with the truth of massive inequality figuratively and literally laid out on the table. For those of you located in New York, you are in luck. The series, Power Hungry, is currently exhibiting at Air Circulation in Brooklyn, New York.

1-2: huffingtonpost.com
photography: Henry Hargreaves/Caitlin Levin
editing: Rae Tashman

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