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  • Vintage Cortez Outfit -

    Content Creation vs. Art

    Dec 29, 2016

    Anatomy of this Outfit:
    Sweater – vintage | Pants – UO | Socks – Adidas | sneakers – Nike Cortez*

    I was recently watching some…

  • Cafe Frida - photos: Rae Tashman -

    Cafe Frida, Kreuzberg

    Dec 28, 2016

    I was struck by how delicious the food and coffee was and just had to learn more. I sat down with G√ľnes, one of…

  • In the Kitchen 028 -

    Hearty Winter Eating

    Dec 27, 2016

    Celery Root Puree | Butternut Squash Sheperds Pie | Winter Beet Hummus

    Christmastime may be over, but we still have a good few wintry months…

  • curated from hello glow -

    3 DIYs for a good night’s sleep

    Dec 23, 2016

    I am just absolutely mad about these three DIYs from helloglow that will leave you with the perfect night’s sleep. Because nothing feels better…

  • Superbude Hotel - photogrphy: Rae Tashman -

    Superbude, Hamburg

    Dec 21, 2016

    A few months ago while I was in Hamburg, I had the pleasure of staying at Superbude in St. Pauli* after finding them online…

  • @lanadmitruks

    Dec 17, 2016

    While I do not have a family of my own yet (and I cannot say for certain that I will – I used to…

  • Holiday Hairstyles - curated from pinterest -

    Holiday hair-dos

    Dec 16, 2016

    With the holidays coming up soon – both Christmas, Chanukah and New Years – I thought it would be the perfect time to share…

  • Portrait of a Girl - curated from pinterest for

    Portrait/s of (a) girl/s

    Dec 10, 2016

    For those of you who have not grown bored of my obsession for portraiture just yet or are just as obsessed as I am,…