Today is probably the most important day of the year for anyone living in the UK. In fact, it’s probably one of the most important days of the decade, because the choices that voters make today determine the fate of the country for the next five years.

We’re not going to tell you who to vote for – that’s not what we’re about (although I’ll tell you that all of the British LFB staff will be voting Labour). What we are telling you is to get to the polls and make your voice heard. Do not buy into the tired old arguments that “nothing will ever change” and “all parties are the same” – they will, and they’re not.

We as individuals have very little opportunity to effect change, and to rally behind the causes we believe in. Voting is one of the few actions that affords us this chance. Do your research, think carefully, then get out and put an X in the box of the candidate who most reflects YOUR priorities and values.

See you at the polls.

Photography: Gabriel Hackett /Getty Images


Betti Baudelaire

Betti Baudelaire is a Berlin-based freelance journalist and part-time barista extraordinaire. She enjoys making the most of her monthly travel pass, searching for bargains at flea markets, and pretending she is still a ballerina.


  • What exactly is the Labour party all about? I’ve listened to podcasts on it but I still can’t grasp the concept…maybe because it’s always been explained to me by American who have never lived in Europe haha
    Can you give a brief explanation of what is for you?

    -Grace |

    • Space Cadet Betti

      Hey Grace! Good question. The Labour Party have had a few incarnations over the decades, but I guess they closely compare to the Democrats in the US. However, their politics and policies are probably more left-leaning than the Democrats, especially with the current leader, Jeremy Corbyn (perhaps one could say he’s the UKs answer to Bernie Sanders!). Many of their policies are focused on increasing social welfare, protecting the NHS (free health care to everyone in the UK – pretty sweet), increasing corporation tax and taxes for the wealthiest UK citizens, banning fox hunting…and so forth. They definitely have a lot of socialist policies, far more they did back in 1997 when Blair came to power. Hope that helps, and thanks for reading! Xx