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Hanging out with my girl, Hannah

Hey there ladies and gents. Hope this week has been good to you. I know it has to me (partially, that is). Besides some difficult lessons I have learnt this week concerning the nitty-gritty of freelance life, this week has been full of catching up with lovely people and meeting new ones as well, dancing for hours at Sisyphos, working my ass off both for LFB and for Photograephie my freelance photography business, making big plans for the future, skateboarding, and trying to decide which sofa to buy for the living room (seriously, help me decide because I am at a loss of which color is best).

The Sofa in question. Thoughts?! HALP.

Try as I might to avoid becoming like every other blogger out there, I have decided to accept my fate and admit that I am getting overly excited about fall, which has somehow spiralled into me indulging in Starbucks and lush bath bombs. I know Starbucks this seems like an odd choice of drink for someone who promotes small businesses and conscious lifestyle, but as an ex-pat living abroad for 7 years now, there are just certain establishments that are part of American culture that I just kind of miss, especially around October, as we enter into darker, colder days.

I was chatting about this with Betti this week and I had said that I feel like besides focusing a lot more on convenience (which I do not think is always a good thing), the US (as well as the UK) seems to have this level of comfort and obsession with cozy things, especially around this time of year that I really miss as an ex pat, especially during Fall and Winter.

I also mentioned yesterday that I am offering a 10% discount to LFB readers for photo packages – be it for engagement announcements, wedding coverage, or lifestyle portraits. I am also willing to travel for work, so don’t hesitate to contact me!!!

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Love from Berlin's favorite links from around the web

001: Really excited to hear about the London’s Parafin gallery and their new exhibition, ‘Pedestal’ featuring the work of Indrė Šerpytytė.
002: Pasta and figs in one dish?!?! Yes please!
003: Was completely moved by Tannya’s latest post about what life is like after loosing your mother.
004: Ridiculously obsessed with the interior of this French hotel
005: What do to about all those haters?
006: It’s great to know that there are so many ethical options for lingerie out there!
007: Shared some of my tips for traveling to Berlin over at GoEuro this week.

Video of the week

Khoi Vinh recently shared this awesome video which highlights just how many films have payed homage to famous artist and their works of art. (View part two here.)

photography by: The Private Life of a Girl, Dolly and Oatmeal, 12hrs, and Rae Tashman

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Stay conscious, Rae

Rae Tilly

Rae the EIC of LFB and YEOJA Magazine. She is also a photographer and social media influencer.


  • Happy sunday! Sounds like you have been busy and productive =o) For the sofas I think the grey is nice and the neutral tone allows for you to mix and match accent pillows how ever you like =o) hope this helps narrow down the choice!

    • rae

      Things are very busy around here, yes, but I love it that way honestly! I actually think I am going to go with the pink one since I have a grey one for the office!

  • I love the grey sofa! That photo of you and Hannah is so lovely!

    Hannah | Oh January

    • rae

      Thank you so much, Hannah!

  • I think the teal sofa, although, a lovely colour, is a bit dark. I really like the grey and the pink ones! :) Even those of us, who do promote sustainable living sometimes need comforting things which are not so ethical or sustainable!


    • rae

      I really love the teal one but I have two cats and seeing all of that cat hair is going to drive me nuts! I think I am going to get the pink one! And yes you are right – it is all about moderation!

  • I love the teal couch, but I think the grey is the most versatile so it’s the one I would choose. I totally understand the Starbucks thing – I was only in Germany for 6 months for a semester abroad, but there were still a number of times when a Dunkin Donuts / something familiarly American was needed.

    Kate |

    • rae

      I actually have a grey one in the office so I think I am going to go with the pink one as I think since it is a dusty pink color it is actually rather neutral :) And yes, I went to TGI Fridays when I studied in the UK and felt homesick. It’s not about the corporate factor but the fact that it is something from home.

  • Zaire Q

    I love the pink couch but grey is probably more practical as it works with everything so I’d go with that. Also I’m thinking I’d worry less if I spilled something on it (in comparison to the pink couch). That video is so awesome, I’m always interested in where artists draw inspiration form and it’s so cool to see how much like fine art is represented or recreated in film.
    Hey Zaire!

    • rae

      I actually think i am going to go with the pink one! And yes, I also love learning more about where artists draw their inspiration come from.

  • I am also going to put in a vote for the grey, for versatility purposes! The blue is lovely as well, though.

    • rae

      I actually wanted to get the dark blue one most, but realized it would drive me crazy to see every single cat hair on it, and since I have a grey one in the work room, I think I am going to be bold and go with pink!

  • i’m torn between grey and green. i love the color and i think it’d add warmth for a room. i love green chairs so maybe i’m biased u_u that interior in hotel henriette is insanely cozy! love!


    • rae

      I actually am going to go with the pink I think, but get accent pillows and blankets that will tie in grey and green :)

  • The lighting and gardens in that french hotel!!! Love its interiors!


  • I’d really have a hard time choosing between those three couch colours too! My heart says pink but practicality would suggest the blue is the best choice. But grey is the most neutral shade – very difficult! But whichever one you end up with at least it’s going to be beautiful! Also don’t worry about being a cliche, while I don’t care for Starbucks I’m 100% obsessed with anything pumpkin/cinnamon so even though I can’t get my hand on most of it I still get really excited for the fall stuff in the Northern Hemisphere when it starts coming out.

    • rae

      I am actually going to just be bold and go for the pink! And yes, I love all fall things, but honestly, I think there is a reason it’s so damned popular amongst bloggers and non-bloggers alike! It’s just fitting for the crisp autumn air.

  • Elizabeth Hisle


    Ok, ok, sorry for the excitement. I just love that deep, muted shade of blue so much, and as a current blue couch owner, I have a soft spot for them. Besides, fun couches are fun and look good with white, grey, yellow, green, orange, etc… And don’t feel bad about doing the Starbucks thing… even though I don’t even like them I find myself going at least once every October too. They have really wedged themselves into culture.

    • rae

      The blue is actually my favorite but I realized it would show any sign of dirt or cat hair so I am going to go with the pink sofa haha. And yeah it is so weird because I was never a starbucks regular but I do like the small taste of home!

  • Definitely the blush sofa! I think it would brighten up a room. You can add an interesting variety of throw pillows on it too!

    That video by the way is gorgeous. It’s amazing to see the shots next to the paintings. Inspirational, really!

    Don’t work TOO hard! Hahaha!


    • rae

      I am going with the pink one for the very reason you gave! And right? Such an interesting video!

  • Amy-Anne Williams

    I think that number one is my favourite, as the pastel pink is something you wouldn’t really get bored with, and it would add a bit of happiness to your room c:

    Little Moon Elephant

    • rae

      So true – I am actually going to go for the pink!

  • For the sofa color, I can’t choose between 1 or 2!!
    Alright alright #2 then, just because it will adapt more
    in other colors.
    And I’d love to read 005 but the link is for some reason
    dead? :o Xx Ice Pandora

  • Sophie Lee

    That pink sofa is so cute <3

    xoxo, Cool style for men