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Chillin in my new Kenzo for h&m hoodie

Was able to get Leni to snag me the incredible sweatshirt you see in the photo above, which was designed as part of Kenzo for H&M’s most recent collaboration collection, and let me just say, although I tend not to go too gaga about designer pieces, I really respect Humberto Leon and Carol Lim, loved this collection, and was so happy to see how diverse the models in this ad campaign were. Totally in love.

Busy as usual but happy to report that this week was mildly less stressful than the last and I was able to spend much of Friday and Saturday with friends watching films and going skating. That being said, I did wake up on Friday at work from 10pm-3am and spent a good few hours finishing client work and working on blogwork on Saturday while watching a film with friends at my place.

Getting extremely excited for Friendsgiving and some extremely exciting news that I can’t share yet but you will definitely be knowing about soon. (Yup, I’ve become one of those assholes that dangle that kind of news just out of reach.)

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001: Absolutely loving this ultimate vegan snack board, which would be perfect for Thanksgiving!
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003: Definitely planning on making these Vegan pumpkin pie parfaits for Friendsgiving this year!
004: Just days after Trump has become President Elect of the United States, and hate crimes have risen dramatically. This is exactly what we all feared after the election legitimzed his hateful rhetoric.
005: The legendary David Lynch on where great ideas come from.
006: 17 stunning photos of black Victorians show how history really looked.

In Your Ears and with your Eyes

For any of you who have not yet seen Nicolas Winding Refn’s “The Neon Demon,” check out the trailer above. It’s dark, it’s intense and definitely NSFW and absolutely stunning.

Image Credits: The First Mess, A Beautiful Mess, Love and Lemons, and Rae Tashman

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