“Fühl dich Schön!” – macarons from the Schaebens event in Hamburg

In life

You know you are an adult when you skip halloween because you have tons of photos to edit for clients. Freelance life means that I actually rarely get a full day of complete relaxation – in fact, I cannot remember a day in months that did not include at least a few hours of solid work. Still, I wouldn’t trade my situation for the world.

Earlier this week, I was in Hamburg attending an event put on by Schaebens, promoting a daily 30-minute wellness and self-care routine for both the mind, body, and soul. I had an incredible time discovering a new city, and cannot wait to return to Hamburg as soon as possible. My trip was also made even more lovely, as I got to stay at the incredible Superbude Hotel in St. Pauli.

Current Giveaways

I just wanted to remind you guys that I have two amazing giveaways happening right now! One is for a lovely tote bag created by Wild Tussah, an ethical fashion brand working to help local artisans preserve their craft. Another is for two tickets worth 90€ for Bombay Sapphire’s “The Grand Journey” on the 4th of November at 9:00 PM in Berlin. I have attended Bombay Sapphire’s last event and it was incredible (and also featured an entire 5 course feast of vegan delicacies!) so I am sure this event will be just as incredible!


Win two free tickets to Bombay Sapphire’s event, The Grand Journey for the 4th of November in Berlin. All you have to do to enter is re-instagram the photo above with the hashtag #LFBthegrandjourney and tag @lovefromberlin in the photo with the following comment:

Win 2 free tickets (worth 90€!) to Bombay Sapphire’s The Grand Journey on the 4th of November at 9:00PM in Berlin. To enter, follow @lovefromberlin on instagram and reblog this image! Tag @lovefromberlin in the photo and share this exact text in the comments! #LFBthegrandjourney

*Only eligible for those able to attend the event in Berlin! The winner will be chosen

A little bit more info about the event:

“Take an immersive tasting tour around the world and experience a fusion of art, cultures and flavour, inspired by the ten vapour-infused botanicals of Bombay Sapphire. Here is a teaser of what you can expect. Be transported to the ten exotic origins of the botanicals in our gin. During the journey you will experience a selection of unique Bombay Sapphire cocktails blended by top class mixologists which will tantalise your taste buds.

A range of exquisite dishes created by a cutting edge team of food futurologists that will caress your senses. Intriguing stories and stunning performances that will trigger your imagination. Your journey will be completed with Bombay Sapphire Ultimate Serve Gin and Tonics to savour at our Bar.”

Wild Tussah Handbag

Win this beautifully hand-crafted tote bag in yellow pictured above!

Wild Tussah Giveaway

On the web

Love from Berlin's favorite links from around the web

001: Legitimately just binge-watched Haters Back off while editing photo work for clients. Now I was never a huge fan of Miranda Sings on youtube, but I am legit obsessed with her Netflix show. Hands down hilarious.
002: I absolutely love how many bloggers lately are sharing just what goes on behind the scenes, which is why I was obsessed with Jessica’s post. I am really passionate about making people (especially companies) more aware of just how much work goes into blogging and getting people to understand that bloggins is actually a career worthy of respect and monetary compensation.
003: Obsessed with this recipe for creamy vegan pumpkin mac ‘n cheese!
004: Why women’s skateboarding is even more punk than men’s.
005: LOVING Michelle’s post about
supporting your local girl gang. Ladies of the world, unite!
006: Absolutely in love with a pink-grey-blue combo for bedding. So cozy! (source: pinterest)
007: Completely obsessed with this Morrocan Spiced Chickpea Glow Bowl!

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Rae Tilly

Rae the EIC of LFB and YEOJA Magazine. She is also a photographer and social media influencer.


  • Das war dein erstes Mal in Hamburg? Wow! Da musst du natürlich unbedingt mal wieder hin :) die Macaroons sind ja super süß, im doppelten Sinne :D Sich schön zu fühlen ist ja immer wieder eine ganz schöne Herrausforderung, gut, wenn man daran erinnert wird, das zu machen :)
    Liebe Grüße!
    Rosa Larissa Klara

    lifestyle of mine

  • I hope you enjoyed Halloween despite the fact that you have so much work too do! Have a lovely day, Iga Berry x

  • I don’t quite know why but your posts put me always in such a good mood! I really liked what you said about how now bloggers are putting the behind the scenes, and I totally agree, people can see how hard it is! (and fun, of course)


  • omg Miranda // I loooooove reading/watching blogger/vlogger BTS content!! Sometimes they’re my favourites :) // Ooh I NEED to try the creamy vegan pumpkin mac n cheese!! I love mac n cheese and I’m feeling autumnal and the recipe looks pretty simple :D // Yesss Michelle <33 -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey’s

  • Omg you had me at creamy vegan pumpkin mac ‘n’ cheese!! I’ve been craving this kind of thing for ages but have been too lazy to look for a recipe. Might hand this to Michele and order him to make me some by the time I get home from work tomorrow.. heh. xxx
    Lucy @ La Lingua | Life, Travel, Italy

  • I need to start watching “Haters Back Off”, I’ve heard so many good things about it! Also loving that article about the business of blogging. It’s always interesting to read about what goes on behind the scenes of other blogs… it’s certainly something a lot of people probably don’t realize.

    Kathryn • Simply KK

  • Sophie Lee

    Love the reading suggestions on the web, very interesting <3

    xoxo, Best Wallets for Men 2016