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rae at the philharmonie in berlin

Anatomy of an Outfit is a series featuring my personal style as well as reflections on various subjects. The clothes and thoughts expressed in these posts do not have any particular relation to each other.

For some reason this year, I’m find it kind of difficult to pinpoint what exactly I want my “big changes” to be. In past years, I was really eager to make lists about all the big things I was going to start or the bad habits I was going to kick. And although I am very much still a work in progress and will be until the day I’m no longer here, maybe it’s cos I’m finally feeling a general sense of contentment with where I currently find myself. I know that it’s all a one steady stream and the goals I am in the process of achieving mean nothing without that process. I’m along for the ride and loving it.

rae at the philharmonie in berlin

I’m sure a lot of it comes down to the fact that I am working really hard to improve my wellbeing – mentally mostly because I haven’t really been to the gym in months (despite paying that damned bill each month). I have arrived at a pretty good place, I guess. I’ve arrived in home inside myself full of self love and self care, which means that small setbacks (and even big ones) can be put into perspective – into a grand ole big ass scheme of everything else. I’m just one being, on a giant earth full of millions of others and there will be ones after just as there were ones before, so my small, insignificant ups and downs are not what is so important anymore – it’s what they can teach me and how I can grow from them that matters. It’s not so much a contentment in thinking I’ve all of a sudden got it all figured out (because I sure as hell don’t), but a contentment of knowing how to go forward gracefully while stumbling along the way.

rae at the philharmonie in berlin

As far as more concrete things go though, I will be working this year towards maintaining a healthy mindset, surrounding myself with intelligent, good people, whom I can learn from and return the gift by trying to give what I can give. All relationships are built on giving each other little boosts until we all get there. I will also try to fight that urge to be too hard on myself, because I still fall into this habit – expecting bigger and better, sooner, now. And to cut myself some slack when some things fall apart – my fault or not. I’ll be striving towards more self improvement but also recognising that some things just come to an end and no one person or one thing is responsible for it. I’ll also be looking to some how carve out a space in time to begin making music again, even if just for myself. In the end, it is quite simple: I’m just looking forward with anticipation to the start of more living life and experiencing everything with a full heart and open eyes in 2015.

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Photography: Johannes Husen

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Stay conscious, Rae


Rae Tilly

Rae the EIC of LFB and YEOJA Magazine. She is also a photographer and social media influencer.


  • your mermaid hair omg *-* are you planning to leave it to fade to black? your scaaarrfff /making grabby hands

    maintaining healthy mindset is also my goal for this year! i’ve been surrounded by too much negativity from the past also too many negative people in my life. i’ve been putting some of them aside last year so i guess i’m ready to start towards positive direction this year :D to cut yourself some slack when things gone wrong, it really is! sometimes i wonder all the wrong things instead of striving to be better. the key is to take it easy but keep learning in positive light. be positive and positive life will follow you. also take that goddamn chance of happiness! i hope you can do and experience great things this year, and may this year be prosperous to you <3


  • I think these are some lovely thoughts to read on the start of the year. It’s always important to remember not to be too hard on yourself – a trap I can fall into sometimes as well. Love the look – that sweater looks so wonderfully cosy! xxx

  • it sounds like you’re in a good place right now, and the first time you’re faced with not having to wonder what you “need” to do this year. i’ve never had that yet, i’m still figuring out a plan b if all this doesn’t work. i need a plan b. healthly mindset, that is a good one, you’ll be in a better place. i like that you think of perspective, but remember your issues and incomings do matter, they matter to you.

    Buckets & Spades

  • Stephanie Louise

    Oh Rae, looking amazing! I can never get enough of your hair (and those boots are perfect).
    You have the right mindset! I feel like those big goals most times do not get accomplished. You know, we are always accomplishing things and setting goals and constantly changing and improving. Just have to work towards the better everyday. :)

  • This looks so ridiculously comfortable and those boots are fierce! And that hair!
    And don’t worry about pinpointing big changes. Most years, when I look back at big changes or momentous decisions in my life, they were all made very spontaneously!

  • Great photos, love your style and hair !

    With love from London,


  • Going forward while still stumbling sounds absolutely beautiful, and seems so much more achievable. It reminds me of the film dogma, that having a belief can be bad, but having an idea is amazing, because ideas can be built upon, ideas can change and develop.
    You have such effortless style.
    And I love little successes over the big ones, because the little ones build up to the big attainments.

  • Wow, you are GORGEOUS! I love your hair. Really love love love.

    Also, love your style and aesthetic.

    I’ve been trying to stay focused and healthy this year as well. I’m sure that 2015 will be full of beautiful things for you and me both, love! xoxo

    Circus & Bloom

  • I absolutely LOVE this post. Yes yes YES! I am working through my own demons and difficulties, but am finally reaching the point where I’m learning to be happy and let go of things that have been weighing me down. Really, everything you’ve said in this post speaks directly to my heart.

    Love your hair, by the way! You are stunning!

    <3 Kelsea | Kels Shark

  • Beautiful colour combination worn Rae, especially with your hair and the scarf. As long as you progress, it doesn’t matter the pace, we are all at different calibers, and I think keeping a positive mentality, with intelligent and supportive people around you is the absolute right thing to do. xx <3 /Madison
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  • Great post and resolutions. This scarf is lovely, it looks so great with your haircolor :)

  • I love these photos and your hair is just gorgeous!



  • Beautiful! I love your goals :) They say that you are your 5 closest friends and I like knowing I’ve cultivated a good group of people.

  • Your hair color is stunning :)

  • Awesome. Love this look. Love your whole look – the hair is amazing!!



    My Closet Life Blog

  • Beautiful! I adore your hair colour! xx

  • Glad to hear that you are feeling content at the moment. What matters is to be clear about your goals and where you want to go… if that it set, everything else will be easy.

  • Your shoes! They are just so wonderfully perfect. The colour and style is divine. Love this post, it is so incredibly important to work on our own wellbeing. I really need to remind myself of this more. x

  • picture are simply great!

    the whole outfit is then on point: great job.

    xx from Italy
    Cate //

  • I think surrounding yourself with friends and family that are supportive and caring is the best way to keep a healthy mindset, so it sounds like you’re going the right way about it. I want to stop being so hard on myself too, but once you’ve got into the habit of self-criticism it’s very hard to get out of it!

    Claire //

  • beautiful post and thoughts, as always. I have a similar feeling this year, some sort of contentment and wanting to explore and see new things with wide open eyes. stay happy xx

  • Jenna Opsahl

    Your hair is literally perfect. I love the pink touches in this too.


  • Ting

    I’m in love with the color of your hair, it suits you!

  • Helen

    You look absolutely gorgeous, your hair is just fantastic! <3

    * Electric Sunrise – Fashion and Lifestyle Blog *


  • I definitely will be surrounding myself with positive people, too. Great post, Rae.


    • rae

      I hope you do, Christina!

  • Wonderful words lovely. Surrounding yourself with positive people is one of the best things you can do <3 xo

    • rae

      Thanks so much, Jennie!

  • Jenna

    I love that you said you are a work in progress. Me too, girlfriend. Keep it real. X, jenna