Anatomy of this Outfit: Shirtdress – Lazy Oaf | Backpack – Sugar Baby Shoes

Fashion Week - Anatomy of an Outfit - photography: Sandro Moscogiuri -

You know that line in The Verve’s song Bittersweet Symphony: ‘But I’m a million different people from one day to the next’? Well I would definitely say that due to the multi-faceted and complex nature of the human being, this statement is quite accurate. But I would like to apply this phrase in the context of blogging and social media as it relates to our personal style.

Fashion Week - Anatomy of an Outfit - photography: Sandro Moscogiuri -

(Oh hey, you guys have already seen this photo before!)

As a blogger and instagrammer, my professional field is dominated by curation of inspirational/aspirational imagery as well as the actual creation of curateable/inspirational/aspirational imagery. It is also intrinsically linked to the individual behind the instagram account or blog, which inevitably creates a situation in which both one’s personal and professional identity become intertwined.

This can be all well and good, especially because bloggers and social media influences are able to share their love for all things visual, but what about all those moments that were not “instagram-worthy,” well lit enough, or adhered to the incorrect color scheme? What about all of the other aspects that make us who we are that don’t seem to make it onto our social media channels and blogs because they fall outside of our proposed content?

Fashion Week - Anatomy of an Outfit - photography: Sandro Moscogiuri -

Here is the thing: Humans are more complex than the interests they care to share on social media and the things we do extend beyond the carefully selected images with perfect lighting and Scandinavian or bohemian vibes. Now I am not trying to turn this into a conversation on whether or not said curated image is fake or not due to elements of it being staged or not. But what I am saying is that as much as those beautifully curated images represent your tastes and attitudes because they are of genuine interest to you, there are just as many things that represent your interests and tastes that get left out.

Fashion Week - Anatomy of an Outfit - photography: Sandro Moscogiuri -

Which makes me feel like those of us who work in the social media world are left to confront the sobering truth that we live with a bit of a split personality: our online curated persona and the person we are when our iphones and digital cameras are not near by. Both genuinely represent parts of who we are, but due to the nature of working in the social media world, we create this extremely severe separation between the two which is actually palpable.

Fashion Week - Anatomy of an Outfit - photography: Sandro Moscogiuri -

The reason why I have been thinking about this lately is because ever since I created a personal instagram account to offset my business one, I cannot help but compare “who I am” on my private account with “who I am” on my business account. I love aesthetically pleasing cafes, trips to the museum, slow food, and interior design. But I also love dancing until 3 am, playing pool in a smoky bar, skateboarding until I’m drenched in sweat, and getting messy at gigs. My professional social media face is this environmentally conscious bohemian nomad. My personal social media face seems is this punk who seems to always be having a good time with friends.

Fashion Week - Anatomy of an Outfit - photography: Sandro Moscogiuri -

When I think about it further though, this is highly comparable to any other person with an office job. You have your work clothes, and the professional face you put on at work. That person is still you 100%. But you wouldn’t roll in on Monday with Saturday night’s outfit on, cigarette hanging loosely from your lips, hung over, with a bottle of beer in your hand. Okay, you might. But then you would probably be looking to get fired or working for a very very laid back start up here in Berlin (jokes!)

Fashion Week - Anatomy of an Outfit - photography: Sandro Moscogiuri -

Both of these people represent two different sides of the same person, but one is the work-appropriate version and the other the free-time version. Working in the social media world is the same with the only exception being that since a social influencer is representing themselves, the question of authenticity comes into play a little bit more than it does for the office worker. Although should it really? If the face you show professionally on social media is every bit as genuine as the face you show in your private time, than who the fuck is anyone else to question if you are genuine or not?

I will say though, that the situation can become complicated when you end up putting pressure on yourself. For instance, while I feel a lot more free to post more aspects of myself here on LFB, due to the nature of instagram and it’s laser focus on aesthetics, I feel some sort of responsibility to continue to pigeonhole my public instagram account as some sort of bohemian dream world. But it’s my bloody instagram account innit? If I want to post something that falls outside of those confines I should damn well do as I please.

Fashion Week - Anatomy of an Outfit - photography: Sandro Moscogiuri -

I have just kind of breached the surface of this topic, and it’s hard to write about this subject without cracking a laugh and thinking of the absurdity of our generation and how woefully self-absorbed we are. But if you pause to actually think about this topic further, it’s actually quite an interesting question to do with identity and representation in the digital age. I’m okay with knowing that who I am when I am working and who I am in my free time are just two extended versions of myself, but as some kind of thought experiment, I am definitely going to try to see if I can merge both worlds together a bit more so that I don’t end up having some sort of weird post-post-modern identity crisis brought upon by instagram – because that my friends would just be a representation of all things horrible in our modern world.

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Stay conscious, Rae


Rae Tilly

Rae the EIC of LFB and YEOJA Magazine. She is also a photographer and social media influencer.


  • i agree wholeheartedly in this post. i do feel myself in it. we may or may not unconsciously created a persona/alter ego that befits in different realms and it’s not that we actually need to hide something. it’s just some layer of us that we don’t really show. and we use different persona on different social media as it befits. the true nature of me is a gloomy bitch who loves dressing in same clothes for few days straight, but i also love to dress up and look and behave nice in my blog/social media/disqus comments. as long as i’m genuine, perhaps? and it’s not like i don’t really show who i am. it’s just ‘different dress for different occasion’, i guess.


  • I have to say that lately, and by lately I mean a couple of years, I enjoy more ‘personal’ type accounts rather than ‘picture perfect’ ones. I feel personal accounts, less perfect, less marble, less whiteness, are more relatable to myself and my lifestyle. It’s something I relate to and enjoy seeing that other people are just like me. Not so perfect but so much more fun.

    Iga Berry

  • Georgie

    I love this!!! Especially you reference to The Verve lyrics ;) totally agree with the whole message of this post. Sometimes you take a great picture of something you love but because it’s not ‘pinteresty’ enough it just gets chucked aside. I think it’s cool to have different sides to you though and you get to pick which bits you want to share and who you want to share it with :) You’re so beautiful by the way!

  • Elizabeth Hisle

    I so agree with this post!!! I actually hate how we are expected to have this one persona through IG that sees the whole world through a single color scheme and the same lighting. I’ve kinda accepted that I will never be one of those users with 100k followers and every picture flowing endlessly into the next, because no other part of my life is like that! Sure, there are pictures I love that never make it to Instagram because they really, really don’t match the rest of my feed, but I’ll be damned if I make sure every picture has the same exact lighting, same (or very similar) background, and include a lot of the same subjects. There is NOTHING WRONG with people who choose this path, but I find it stressful instead of the relaxing time waste Instagram should be. I tend to go through moods when I photograph and it’s a relaxing hobby that I rather enjoy… why add stress?

    Side note: omg that backpack. So cute!!!

  • Wonderful post and such a great statement about the age of social media. I think we as human beings have always been these sort of dichotomous personalities who for ages have tried to force ourselves into neat little non-contrasting packages. But in reality, we are all contradictory beings and that is really the essence of what keeps things interesting, isn’t it? Each individual is forever evolving into someone different. We are entitled to change our opinions, our ideas, our priorities, our style. We are even entitles to have contradictions within our own beliefs, opinions, and styles. And who is anyone else to criticize the way we live our lives or the way we choose to present ourselves anywhere in the world whether it be via social media or not? For me personally, I spend 1 hour every day tending to my appearance. This includes shower, makeup, choosing my outfit, getting dressed, and snapping a few quick outfit photos in case I decide to use the outfit for a blog post. Then I remain in said outfit and makeup for the duration of the day paying no mind whatsoever to how I look and getting through my designated daily routine. So I say live and let live. Do whatever it takes to get you through the day. And have fun…because this life is a short one!

    You are absolutely adorable in this fun and unique shirt dress! Keep rocking the social media world as well as your own little personal universe!

    I would love for you to come join my weekly link up which goes live every Thursday at 5:00 p.m. EST!


  • Definitely agree with you on this matter, Rae. There is the high quality, aesthetically pleasing, fashion-forward person we broadcast to the world, but there’s also the reserved, messy, unedited version of ourselves that we don’t advertise. Thus leaving a good part of who we are tucked away. It’s hard to find a balance of remaining professional but also personable. Such an interesting topic that is definitely worth a good ponder over!

    Enclothed Cognition

  • I feel this. I’m so fussy about what goes on my instagram even if I don’t have many followers, and it’s all totally me but it’s not all of me, neither is my blog. I write more polished, ideas I’ve had time to think over and careful set out. My whole person is far from that, most of my thoughts and ideas are a bit all over the place but that would hardly make good reading would it? I get where you’re coming from completely <3

    The Quirky Queer

  • Could not agree with you more! I sometime think all of this stuff makes me feel like my life should be a lot more curated, but in reality, life just isnt like that. Great post x

  • Nellie

    Interesting post.. It definitely makes me consider my “social media personality”..


  • I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately. Even more so with the new Instagram Stories thing. I’ve noticed so many people are way different than I would have imagined because I’m seeing them minus the editing. I’m hearing their voices and seeing their actual personality not just the one I imagined based off their feed. Still, we all have to deal with this to a degree.


    Violet Roots || Instagram || Twitter

  • This was such a good read! Glad to hear I’m not the only one who feels the stresses of instagram. I definitely feel much more free to post whatever I want on my blog than on my instagram. With instagram, it really does feel like you always need this perfect color scheme and style. And when I get it wrong, I stress over photos until I eventually delete them so that my instagram looks “perfect” again. And I agree, it is sad that badly-lit photos can’t be shared.

    xo, mikéla /

  • Too many moments not well-lit enough to make it to my blog or social media! Of all social media, Instagram is definitely the one I feel the most pressure from, probably mostly inflicted by myself :P Sometimes I wonder what my friend’s think when they read my blog. Do they see two completely different people? Does it weird them out? Can they reconcile the online me and irl me and believe that both are genuinely who I am? -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey’s

  • I think with social media and instagram especially, there’s a tendency to create a fictional character of ourselves; which I kind of find really clever and fascinating. It’s almost a ‘fake it til you make it’ type thing, maybe? I’m not sure. I’m hungover. Basically, food for thought most definitely. :)

    erin | words and pictures

  • Alfredo Ciano

    Anatomy of a Fashion Lady…

  • meg

    So much yes to this post. Just, yes. I’m a different person with literally EVERYONE I know, and online I like to think I’m the real ‘me’ but I’m not. Because things I say online, I wouldn’t have the confidence to say in person, at least I don’t think I would. I’d love to dress like other bloggers and whatnot, but…I don’t. My clothes consist of tees, jumpers and jeans because I like looking like a bit of a lazy so and so, a little too much hahaha.

    Meg | Elmpetra

  • sileas

    As you said both – the filtered and unfiltered moments – are 100 % us! It’s in our nature to show ourselves in the best light and social media gives us the stage for that! However nobody should take the perfect Instagram feed for too serious. We all have good and bad days…

  • OMG!! “But I’m a million different people from one day to the next’ I love “Bittersweet Symphony”, but I somehow never paid attention to this line. And there is so much truth in this line! I’m not a big fan of coherency and steadiness. It is okay to change your opinion, your taste, to have multiple opinions and different tastes. The best things come from change and disruption. Such a shame coherency is still so highly regarded. It limits us so much! (Also, you basically summed up 90% of all Instagram accounts: Scandinavian or boho vibes. *Lol* Love this!)

    Adele |