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After getting extremely into “making noise” and learning more and more about the electronic music scene – I recently purchased Logic, a set of turn tables, and a mixer – I had an epiphany. Now, I can’t speak for the rest of the heterosexual or bi female population on this earth, but I can say this –  each boyfriend you have will comes with you starting a new hobby. At least, this has been personally the case for me.


Now everyone has heard of people morphing into their partners in a really sickly way. You know those people (mostly women, it seems? although correct me if I am wrong) who seem to become different people depending on who they are dating. Their wardrobe may change drastically, as may their mannerisms, music tastes, and general interests. While I definitely believe such people exist, to me I tend to be of the opinion that as we go through different changes in our own lives, we select people who fit accordingly. Therefore, it’s a bit of a chicken or the egg discussion.


While I am definitely not one for morphing into someone else to fit a particular partner, I have noticed that rather than unselectively taking on every hobby and interest my partner at the time has, there tends to be one interest or hobby I have not personally taken part in that really stands out to me and inevitably gets picked up by me. With my college boyfriend Geoff it was guitar. With my current boyfriend Aaron, it’s electronic music.


It makes sense if you think about it – the people whom you interact with are going to have similar interests to you. And just like listening to the artists iTunes suggests to you based on your current musical tastes, these people will generally be into something you might not know about or don’t have/have very basic first-hand experience in but definitely interest you. (I actually made the comparison to related pins on Pinterest when explaining this to a friend, which clearly expresses the fact that I need to get off the internetz.)


Having access to someone who knows a hell of a lot about something you realised you either liked from the start but had no name for – which is the case for me and electronic music genres – or always wanted to do but had no time for can be the push to dive into a new world. And diving into a new world I shave done. Or maybe sometimes it is a matter of finally finding someone who has the same interest as you, giving you the push you need to do exactly what it was you wanted to be doing all along.


Now I doubt that I’m going to become the next big music producer and leave blogging behind, but it’s fun to try new things, especially when they are of genuine interest. And seeing as I have always been into creating music (but not very into sharing it, ha!), I feel like tapping into a new genre of music is going to be a lot of fun. Over the last year I have picked up skating as well, and although I have no illusions of becoming some pro skater, I want to make sure that I don’t spread myself too thinly, so I think I’ve reached my quota for hobbies. Which means, I guess my current boyfriend is here to stay for a bit, because I can’t afford getting hooked on yet another new hobby at this time.

Photography: Victoria Reinsch


Rae Tilly

Rae the EIC of LFB and YEOJA Magazine. She is also a photographer and social media influencer.


  • I’ve definitely noticed that my friends and I pick up mannerisms from each other :P And as for picking up hobbies, I think it’s natural! I love my friends and I want to love what they love; they bring me joy and I am genuinely interested in what brings them joy! -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey’s

  • Those. Socks. Adorable!

    Really enjoyed reading this Rae. Just catching up with the new issue now ;) I rarely find myself actively picking up hobbies of my boyfriend but certainly notice myself evolving alongside my boyfriend or companion of the time. It’s similar to how I pick up words and phrases from my friends! Harvey and I are quite similar and enjoy the same things by default, but it’s been so much fun growing into each other and finding new interests as the months go on! x

  • I don’t think there’s anything wrong with getting into a new hobby or two when you’re with a new partner. After all, you’re dating them because they’re a cool, interesting person and it’s nice to learn more about them and the things they love doing. I’ve always found one of the first things that happens if I’m starting to see someone is we swap music recommendations, so of course recommending stuff to each other and sharing other interests is going to naturally follow that. Plus it’s fun doing things together, why date someone if you can’t learn from them and share things together? We often do the same with platonic friendships as well and it’s where a lot of inspiration can come from. xx

  • sileas

    I can totally relate to that! Isn’t it showing real affection and interest when you’re starting to pick up your bf’s hobby? It’s a great way to get in touch with new things!!

  • Diana Maria

    I think it’s great to become interested or learn more about a hobby a loved one has. I love exploring new things and this is one of my favourite parts of being in a relationship- you learn so much and experience so many new things. These photos are lovely, I hope you have a great weekend xx

    Sending light & love your way,
    My Lovelier Days

  • I used to never ever watch movies. Since being with my boyfriend for 2 months I’ve grown to enjoy them more! I think it’s nice to gain new appreciation from someone else that you love.