What: CANAS BAR – an interactive artistic experience
Where: Beneath Potsdamer Platz/U3
When: 18-21 of October
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Into a well mixed drink and dope art? Bombay Sapphire has got you covered. Starting the 18th of October, Bombay Sapphire will be hosting a four day pop up event beneath Potsdamer Platz.

CANVAS BAR will be located in a transformed underground tunnel on the U3 line in Berlin where unique works of art from select artists will be displayed. The twist? Guests will be able to experience the art as it is being created.

Artists (from left to right): Mary Lennox, Darwin Stapel, and Crizilla & Delassey

Set to exhibit are: Paul Schrader, a painter from Hamburg, Stefan Kunz, a master of lettering, Olaf Hajek, an artist from Düsseldorf, Lacy Barry & Cris Wiegandt, better known as the Duo Crizilla & Delassey who create art out of paper, street artist SuperBlast, calligrapher Sigrid Artmann, Darwin Stapel, a photographer, dancer, and illustrator from Berlin, and last but not least, Mary Lennox, an artist who works with flowers from Berlin.

Oh, and there will also be an interactive workshop with Paul Schrader on the 20th (about his transition from the corporate working world to the artistic world) so guests will be allowed to flex their own creative muscles as well!

CANVAS BAR in London

But the creativity does not end there. Guests are also invited to the Cocktail Finishing Studio where they can continue the theme of self expression and creation by experimenting with aromas and colours to create their very own artistic cocktail featuring Bombay Sapphire.

To wrap up the entire event, the artworks produced during the pop up will be sold and the proceeds will be donated to the Design Akademie Berlin to promote young talents.


The bar is open to visitors from the 18th to the 21st of October. Tickets are 5€ each.
*images courtesy of Bombay Sapphire. Event photos from CANVAS BAR London.
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Rae Tilly

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