The Voodoo Market will have its last edition this Saturday on a special occasion remembering Oryanne with tattoos, dj's, free drinks, sustainable goods and much more.

Voodoo Market’s final event takes place in Kreuzberg this Saturday. With a forecast of sunny spring weather, you will find: local design, sustainable products, tattoos by Antikapratika, vrenisale,  food, DJs, and free drinks.

The History of Voodoo

When the Voodoo Market was founded in 2010 by Oryanne, Berlin wasn’t exactly known for its market scene. Flea markets were the only markets happening. Maria soon joined and together the ladies organised VOODOO, which has been in operation until now. This is a place to meet, eat, and enjoy local craftsmanship and originality. This is not just a spot for frivolous shopping but to get to know each other and have a good time.

There isn’t an entrance fee but given the circumstances, a small donation is expected.

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VOODOO Market had a long pause and this will be the last and final edition and there is a reason behind it. Unfortunately, Oryanne, who had been battling cancer has passed away. These circumstances are immensely emotional for the family of five she has left behind. In addition, this period has been and continues to be financially difficult for the entire family; this is also the reason why Oryanne and her family had to close the “un autre voodoo” shop. The last edition of VOODOO Market, which has been organised by Oryanne’s friends, is all about supporting Oryanne’s family.

Voodoo Market - Final Edition Charity Market - Maria and Oryanne

Maria and Oryanne, founders of the Voodo Market together.

All designers at VOODO Market are participating in the charity; some will even offer limited edition pieces – only available at the market.

If you can’t make it to the market but would like to support Oryanne and her family, you are welcome to donate via this link. All donations will help and will be received directly by the Dufour family without third-party interference.

Voodoo Market - Final Edition Charity Market banner

Who: California Dreaming, Till Air Plant, Mies Nobis, MONKIND, Claudia Vitali, Der Akt, Überdoza, New Kids In The Hood, Elicamente, The Bronze Medal Apparel, Gudbling, Quika, Say It Clothing, Bow Bandits, Aurélia Paumelle, Tattoo by Antikapratika, Homemade Sweets & Cake by Claudia Goedke and, Vrenisale by Vreni Frost.

What: VOODOO MARKET – Final Edition // Charity Market

Where: Blogfabrik

When: Saturday the 7 of April 2018

Images courtesy of VOODOO Market


Manuel Sierra Alonso

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  • Ivana Džidić

    Voodoo market seems like an amazing project…kudos to all designers participating. We need sustainable growth!
    it’s a great place to visit, I’m sure!