Although I am a huge fan of travel and will always be up for packing a suitcase and traveling to some new place still unknown to me on the fly, I am really happy to call Berlin my home base. After all, it’s one of those cities that everyone else from all over the world is itching to visit. And with good reason.

So Gush's creative speaker panel event, So Mingle, in Berlin, Germany -

Berlin is basically this incredible alternative haven where tons of people from different fields come together to create amazing things. Home to all different types of sub-cultures – slow drip coffee drinking hipsters, slackline walking hippies, and gutter punks all find refuge here – I can’t imagine wanting to live anywhere else.

So Gush's creative speaker panel event, So Mingle, in Berlin, Germany -

Of course Berlin is more than just a city full of people with piercings and tattoos, and a proclivity towards alternative lifestyles, but we’ll get to that in another post at another time. Today I want to focus on the creative side of Berlin – in particular, a event I recently spoke at, which brought creatives together to talk about their personal journeys in their respective field as creative freelancers.

The event, So|Mingle, organized by the lovely ladies of So|Gushconsisted of a day full of panel discussions, pop up shops, tasty food and drink, a mentor hour, and celebratory cocktails.

So Gush's creative speaker panel event, So Mingle, in Berlin, Germany -

Being in a creative field that consists mostly of freelance work that I do from home in front of my computer, a lot of my work life is spent alone. Without a traditional office setting, I am without superiors or colleagues. Because of this, no one really gives me feedback on a regular basis. This is a problem that a lot of creative freelancers face, be them painters, bloggers, photographers, fashion designers, or anything else that falls within the creative realm. Which is why events like So|Mingle are so important.

So Gush's creative speaker panel event, So Mingle, in Berlin, Germany -

While So|Mingle did not focus on concrete critics of current projects, it focused on an area just as important but even less discussed – the freelance trajectory that each creative took to get where they are now. This not only was a great source of information for those who came to listen to the panelists speak, but it allowed the speakers to learn about the experiences and opinions of other creatives from different disciplines.

So Gush's creative speaker panel event, So Mingle, in Berlin, Germany -

I was lucky enough to be asked to speak at So|Mingle’s event as a panelist, alongside some incredible ladies, like my friends Elif and Jules, as well as new faces like Timo, Verena, Melodie, Sarah, Stefanie, and many more incredible people. It was so inspiring to be surrounded by such driven and creative people, and to meet other people who are trying to turn their dreams into a reality.

So Gush's creative speaker panel event, So Mingle, in Berlin, Germany -

The event was incredibly well organized and the vibe was incredibly warm and nurturing. Susanne and Olivia, the creative minds behind So|Gush were also two of the warmest ladies I have ever met. I was so honored to be part of an event that gave creatives an opportunity to mingle with each other and it was incredibly interesting to hear everyone’s back stories and opinions on freelancing as a creative as well.

So Gush's creative speaker panel event, So Mingle, in Berlin, Germany -

Speaking at the event, although nerve wrecking (it was all in German!), was also the kind of pat on the back I was needing. When you are your own boss, there may not be some ass hole breathing down your neck about getting into the office 36 seconds too late, but on the flip side, there is also no one around to tell you that you are doing a job well done. And seeing that we are our own worst critics, we rarely stop to pause and celebrate what we have created thus far.

So Gush's creative speaker panel event, So Mingle, in Berlin, Germany -

Being part of a day like this and having my opinion valued was a reminder that I am following the right path in life, and although I may not be able to live full-time from LFB or my photography career, there are people who appreciate what I am doing.

Photography: Elif
Editing: Rae Tashman

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Rae Tilly

Rae the EIC of LFB and YEOJA Magazine. She is also a photographer and social media influencer.


  • Eleonora

    I really love your hair! <3



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      Thanks, Eleonora!

  • Miriam Woodburn

    I’m visiting Berlin next week and this has got me even more stoked for it! Thanks <3

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      So glad this post got you pumped for your upcoming visit! Really hope you enjoy Berlin!

  • megsiobhan

    This sounds SO interesting, and such a great idea for freelancers to talk, and get feedback :)

    Meg | A Little Twist Of…

    • rae

      It definitely was, Meg!

  • aw sounds like an amazing event, rae! i would love to listen to your story being the panelist. i can only imagine this is such a wonderful and rewarding moment to you. keep on doing what you love, girl!

    p.s. ugh your hair looks super fabulous!!! <3


    • rae

      It really was! I am so lucky to have gotten to participate in something so collaborative! Thanks, Tannya!

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    Looks like an awesome event! –Hanna Lei

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  • Gorgeous photography, you looked so beautiful! xx

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  • awesome that you were asked to speak! i’ve always wanted to visit berlin, hopefully someday soon :)

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      It was such a surreal experience! Hope you get to visit Berlin someday soon too!

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    I would love to visit Berlin :) and your hair is da bomb!

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      Hope you get to make it over to Berlin sometime soon! It is a wonderful city, and thanks girl!

  • It sounds like you had amazing experience and time in this event! I wish there were more bloggers events in my country. Also, you look so gorgeous! I can’y get enough of your hair, simply beautiful. x

    -Leta | The Nerdy Me

    • rae

      I really did, I am so lucky to have been a part of So|Mingle! Maybe you could even organize an event yourself with the few bloggers that you do have in your country?! It could be really awesome! And thanks, lady!

  • Berlin sounds a lot like Brooklyn, NY in it’s aesthetic, if you’ve never been, you’d love it, especially Williamsburg and Park Slope! This event sounds amazing for encouraging and uplifting fellow creatives because like you said, when you’re in an independent creative field, you don’t have that positive reinforcement that we all need and desire to help motivate us to keep going or to encourage us to make changes where needed. I think it was awesome that you were asked to be apart of the panel, which goes to show how well respected your work and talent is in your community and how highly valuable your thoughts and directives are, congratulations! Thanks so much for sharing and I hope you’re having a lovely week so far!

    PS: I ADORE your hair!



    • rae

      You are so right about what made So|Mingle so incredible! It is so important for creatives to connect with each other and encourage each other! And yes, I actually lived on and off in NYC before I moved to Berlin, and I do really love it there as well. If I were not to live here, I would want to move back to NYC for sure! Having a lovely week, hope you are too, lady!

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    Looks like a fun day!! Xx

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  • Oh wow, it sounds like a really cool event! I’d love to visit Berlin again – I’ve been only once before but I’m in London, so it’s not too far! xx

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      It really was and I hope you get to visit Berlin sometime again soon!

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    This event looks so cool!

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      It really was!

  • I would like to visit Berlin once ♡
    BTW: Event looks just amazing! I would like at least to taste every single kind of food there, haha.
    Don´t worry! You´re definitely following the right path and I´m the one from those admirers of your work here! ♥
    And I just adore your new hair! *///*

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    • rae

      I really hope you get to visit Berlin once too! And yes, the event was amazing! Thanks for the positive words too! It means so much to me that you enjoy LFB so much!

  • Beautiful post! Kisses :)

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  • Would love to go to Berlin! And your pictures are to die for. So stunning.

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  • Looks like such a lovely time. Thanks for sharing, Rae!

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      It really was! Thanks, Keri!

  • Whyyyy haven’t I found this blog earlier, I’m currently digging those visuals on this site, the photos are so crisp! Love your sense of fashion already!

    Also, I can only imagine the step to become one’s own boss, but I guess the fact that no bossing around equals no praise actually sets the game for a working creative. You might not get the praise from an authority person, but the feedback on your work by others then come from people who actually do appreciate your work!

    Love from Cologne!!



    • rae

      Aww thank you so much, so glad you enjoy LFB! So glad to have you as a new reader! And yes, becoming you own boss is quite the journey, but one I am happy to be on!

  • sileas

    Such an awesome concept, it must’ve been quite inspiring and motivating to be on the middle of such creative minds :)

    • rae

      Thanks so much, lady!

  • Omg, great work, Rae! I am so proud of you :)

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    Great post…
    You did an amazing job…

  • Congratulations! I definitely appreciate what you’re doing :) <3 -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey’s

  • Wah, such a great work!
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