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I know it’s hard to fit a workout into a daily routine, and trust me when I say that because I mean it! It’s not easy for me either – sometimes I feel lazy, but I still push myself to get up and exercise or at least take a long walk on a beach.

However, it’s really important to move around through the day as well. And if you, just like me, tend to spend enormous amount of time at your desk during the day – then oh my friend, I highly suggest you try these exercises that I’m sharing in this post because first – they won’t take long, and second – they’re hella effective!


All of these exercises can be done while sitting on a chair, but I highly recommend investing in a proper chair to prevent back pain and ensure that your posture remains correct. Alternatively, if you’re on a budget and would like something different then replacing your chair altogether with a fitness ball.

As I already said: these exercises are simple, yet very effective. While doing each one of them always keep in mind your back and breathing! Don’t be too harsh on yourself for the first time, but make sure you push yourself because within time you will reach higher and stay in that particular stretching position longer :) Let’s go!


This is the first exercise I usually start my routine with. For this you need to sit straight, reach up with your hands as high as possible while tightening up your pelvis and lower back muscles. It’s a stretching exercise which is good both for your back and neck.


Same position as in the previous one, though this time you need to move your rib cage laterally to both sides without moving your hands, and while keeping them straight.
I find this exercise really a hard one sometimes. It means that my static sitting position isn’t right, and I really need to look after that. Any of you find this a hard one too? Or maybe you struggle to breathe properly while doing it? Either way – bring some discipline to your sitting position at a desk, and don’t hesitate to get in touch with me if you have some questions in the comments below!



Another really good one, and probably my favorite.
First you need to sit straight, put your hands behind your back and your shoulder blades together. Extend your back and release tension from the shoulders and chest. Then move your head towards each shoulder while keeping your neck straight. On the last one flex your head forward & relax, let the gravity stretch your muscles.


The final exercise is for your torso. Yes, you can work on your abs while sitting at a desk too! Flex your hips and try to reach your hands with your knees as high as possible, while at the same time pressing your hands to the table.

Make sure you find time to do at least a couple of these exercises – they’re crucial if you spend lots of time in one static position during the day. And trust me, your back and neck will surely thank you sooner or later! Plus this workout routine doesn’t take long – it’s a great way to take a short 5-10min break from your laptop. Just don’t forget – breaaaathe in, breathe out, and have fun! :)

Let me know if you’ll get a chance to try any of these and if you’ve tried exercising at a desk before. What works best for you?

Photography: Vaida Tamosauskaite
Post-Processing: Rae Tashman


Vaida Tamosauskaite

I’m Vaida - brand and blog designer, photographer, also lifestyle and fitness blogger! I help creative entrepreneurs, businesses and bloggers to grow their brands and build the visual identity.