I have to admit that although I am in love with the idea of owning a dressing table, and probably have a big enough flat to actually justify space for one, I have never owned one and tend to do my makeup sitting on the ground next to a mirror. Still there is just something absolutely dreamy about having a small space dedicated to taking your time and getting ready for the day – preferably with a cup of tea at your side as well.

Dressing Tables - curated from Pinterest for lovefromberlin.net

Dressing Tables - curated from Pinterest for lovefromberlin.net

Dressing Tables - curated from Pinterest for lovefromberlin.net

Dressing Tables - curated from Pinterest for lovefromberlin.net

Dressing Tables - curated from Pinterest for lovefromberlin.net

Dressing Tables - curated from Pinterest for lovefromberlin.net

Dressing Tables - curated from Pinterest for lovefromberlin.net

Source: Curated from Pinterest. Original sources located in lower righthand corner when known.

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Rae Tilly

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  • omg everything is so gorgeous! i don’t have proper dressing table either eventhough my current house is big enough for one. maybe in the future. i want to have an amazing chair to go along with so it’d look as if i’m sitting on a throne while applying makeup haha. i think the table on kate la vie and hey claire is the same just in different color. i love both the most! i’m all about minimalist nowadays.

    xx http://tanaditya.co.vu

    • rae

      Ah yes having the perfect chair is so essential as well! And ah good eye I think you are right. To be honest, I love them both. Would have a hard time deciding on a color.

  • I’ve never owned a dressing table and have always wanted one, not enough space sadly. But this post has made me want one real bad! Have a lovely day ;)


    • rae

      Well at leat we have pinterest for lusting after beautiful things we currently cannot have! haha. Sometimes just looking at lovely interior details is enough honestly.

  • Elizabeth Hisle

    I actually had a dressing table growing up, but not the good sense to appreciate it. Now that I would use one, I no longer have the space. Maybe someday that will change!


    • rae

      Hope you get to have another one now that you are able to appreciate it in the future, Elizabeth!

  • This post is giving me serious dressing table envy!! I’ve never had a real one, but it always seemed so luxurious to have a place for all your makeup. Not to mention it makes getting ready that much funner :)

    • rae

      I have never had a real one either but exactly like you say, I think it is so luxurious! And yes, I bet it does making getting ready that much more fun!

  • Ohh I would love a dressing table…even though I rarely bother with makeup. I definitely don’t have room though. Perhaps one day…if I leave London!

    • rae

      If you do not need one I see no reason to shell out money and space for one but they are nice for feeling extra feminine and pampered I think!

      • Haha, I don’t mean now, while not having space, but I hope one day I’ll live somewhere a bit bigger! While I don’t spend much time on my hair/makeup, I would really love to have a well lit storage space with a mirror. Rather than keeping my make up and a handheld mirror on the windowsill in the living room and drying my hair in the dark hallway because there is a wall mirror there. It would be a luxury :)

  • I absolutely love ALL OF these! I’ve never had room for one of these and always do my make up standing up. I want to have one one day but it would need to have a lot of storage space.

    xx freshfizzle

    • rae

      I always do my makeup sitting down on the floor in front of a mirror lol. And yes, it would be lovely to have one of these set ups should the space permit!

  • I don’t have a dressing table either. I just keep all my stuff on the top layer of a low shelf that I have, but I also like the idea of having a designated area just for that stuff. It makes everything seem cleaner and more sanitary haha. I like that little wood hexagon dish(?) fr Kate La Vie :) -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey’s

    • rae

      I love the idea as well. For me I just have a drawer at the bottom of a mirrored wardrobe and I sit in front of it and have all my makeup in that drawer. And yes Kate’s home in general is just perfect.

  • I dreamed for so long of having a dressing table I could sit at to get ready in the morning and now that I finally have one it’s my favourite thing in my whole apartment and I just love it to pieces. :)


  • Stacy

    Sooooo much inspiration. Need to save to organize my space!


  • Sophie Lee

    Dressing table is forever my most favorite corner in the bedroom <3

    xoxo, Best Wallets for Men 2016

  • All of these dressing tables are just so dreamy! I wish I had enough space to have one myself, just a tiny one with a mirror and a drawer for all my makeup (which is not much, anyway). I love the idea of having a little space for my favourite frivolities.

    Marti | paperplanepond.blogspot.com