Last month, you might have seen a lovely little banner in my side bar from Dee Shoots. Dee, a blogger and photographer, was kind enough to sponsor LFB last month. I got a chance to sit down with her and ask her a few questions. Check out the interview below!

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Interview with Dee

LFB: Thanks so much for advertising with LFB this month! Can you tell LFBers a little bit more about yourself?

Dee: I’m Dee a photographer from New York City. I live in Brooklyn with my husband who is a stand up comedian. I run Dee Shoots & Dee Shoots NYC (just launched) which are two photography focused sites showcasing my work and love for all things NYC.

Dee Shoots - LFB sponsor interview -

LFB: Can you tell LFBers how you got started blogging?

Dee: I was blogging before I knew I was really a blogger. I had a Tumblr that had a following and I would use it to post my outtakes or images that didnt make it on to my portfolio website. On photo websites/portfolio sites typically you show your best work, projects, published images and I felt so boxed in with just that. I take so many photos and I wanted to share them along with what was happening or talk about who was in the shot.. I would be at an event and want to post a behind the scenes, or vacation shots and couldn’t. At the time Tumblr’s features & customization were limited so I decided to put the images on a blog and its just kind of took shape from there.

Dee Shoots - LFB sponsor interview -

LFB: What would LFBers love most about your blog?

Dee: It really is a mix of me – NYC, Travel, Fashion, Food and the Comedy scene. One day I’ll be at a fashion event, the next in the basement of a bar in Brooklyn for a comedy show and the weekend on assignment for a Champagne company. It’s never the same and I wouldn’t want it to be.

I try to give my viewers both a mix of my perspective and also “step out of the shot”. Basically, how Im seeing NYC at the moment or what Im eating/doing. I also try to step out of the moment and give them images where they can have their own experience. Between fashion & the comedy world Im really blessed to attend a lot of events/ shows and when I share the images I want my followers to feel like they were there too.

Dee Shoots - LFB sponsor interview -

LFB: What aspect of #theCLlifestyle is most important to you and why?

Dee: Having conscious mornings hits with me and its something I have really adopted the past few months. I was always in a rush, behind, irritable and starting the day off bad. Mornings really set the tone for the rest of the day – now I wake up earlier, take time for myself, and think about what I want to accomplish in the day. I also take breaks from social media now on the weekends and when I am doing something, I STOP and take it in. Be totally Conscious- I take in the moment and think this might not ever happen again ENJOY THIS NOW. I did it last year at NY Fashion Week and can really remember it. I can remember everything about the moment how the air smelled, the sounds, how I felt. And when Im stressed or working on a project late at night and all I want is my bed I think about that moment and remember late nights, sacrificing time, being tired – gets you to great things. So when you have them actually enjoy them and remember it. Instead of snapping a photo or snapchat – be totally conscious and force yourself to be in that moment.

Image Credits: Dee Shots

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Stay conscious, Rae


Rae Tilly

Rae the EIC of LFB and YEOJA Magazine. She is also a photographer and social media influencer.


  • Great interview, so inspiring to hear the morning routine.
    Xx finja |

  • I started with Tumblr too! NY Fashion Week sounds like chaos; it must have been really good to be able to take a breath! -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey’s

  • I loved to read this interview! Her pictures are amazing and I love those stories where they started to build something without even realizing.

    • deeshoots

      thank you so much :)

  • deeshoots


    Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity. Your site is so great and I love what you’re doing – so happy to be able be involved! Happy New Year!! Love, health & happiness to your and your readers. xox-Dee

  • Sophie Lee

    What an amazing and inspiring work <3

    xoxo, Cool men fashion