Watching Harry Potter in the coziest place on earth – my living room.

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I hope you have all been enjoying the holiday season! My family is Jewish so I was not raised with Christmas. As a result, I’m kind of overly obsessed with the holiday. Still, I find it’s always hard to get into the full Christmas spirit without snow on the ground. The tragic events of earlier this week also put a definitive dampening on the holiday mood here in Berlin. Still, if there is ever a time to remember what we hold dear and what we have to be thankful for, it’s now.

As I mentioned, my family does not celebrate Christmas, so being an ex-pat in Berlin means that for the past 7 Christmases I am a Christmas orphan who is always on the look out for a temporary home. This year I celebrated with my best mate Artur and his mother. It was such a delight to be surrounded by family, even if they aren’t mine, they are.

I have also been really soaking up the opportunity to just sort of vegetate in front of the television as well as bake tons of yummy treats. Will be opening my present from the boy tomorrow morning and then spending Christmas day with mates at Soho house, so be sure to catch my Instagram Story @lovefromberlin for all the fun.

Noteworthy Info

Panorama Digital & Panorama Berlin’s Blogger Circle

Panorama Berlin - Panorama Digital

Fashion week is coming to Berlin in January. One particular event that will be taking place is Panorama Berlin, a trade show that takes place during fashion week and boats 21.000 m2 of space, space in which hundreds of brands will be exhibiting. This year, Panorama Berlin has decided to team up with a small group of bloggers and create the Bloggers Circle. The bloggers Circle can be found on Panorama Digital, a digital extension of the trade show and is used for brands to connect with bloggers and vice versa. Bloggers part of the Blogger Circle will also have a presence at Fashion Week itself. And guess what? LFB gets to count itself amongst the bloggers included in the Circle. Pretty rad, right?

LFB Weekly Newsletter

One quick note: For any of you who are signed up to the weekly update, you might have noticed a lack of email from me in your inbox over the last few weeks. My bad. The truth is, with my work schedule the way it currently is, a weekly update is just not possible at this time! Placing it on hold, but am hoping to resume it eventually!

Current Giveaways

So just a small update – I had no idea how much work hosting giveaways truly was. For this reason, even though I had high hopes of doing 4 Giveaways this December, I am stopping at the 2 I have already done. I’ll be resuming giveaways in the New Year and will most likely be paring it down to 1 a month on the blog and be sharing the rest of the giveaways via instagram, so make sure to be following me there! Thanks for understanding.

On the web

Love from Berlin's favorite links from around the web

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Mitski – Your Best American Girl

I can’t even tell you how i feel at 1:24 minutes into this song. I’ve had this bad boy on repeat for weeks and I’m still not sick of it.

Image Credits: Sincerely Kinsey, Camille Styles, fall for diy, and Rae Tashman

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Rae the EIC of LFB and YEOJA Magazine. She is also a photographer and social media influencer.


  • Lovely read! Can only imagine what it must be like as a Christmas orphan. Sending lota of love your way and will check out the mac decluttering advice!:)
    xx finja |

  • ooooomg the couple. my heart. !!!!. Congrats for being in the Circle!! // Family is more than the people you live with <3 Happy holidays! -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey’s

  • Sophie Lee

    Beautiful readings for holiday season <3

    xoxo, Cool men fashion