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You may have noticed two lovely ladies in the sidebar of LFB this month. Well, now is your chance to get to know these girls a little bit more! Meet Andini of Adventures of an Anglophile, and Lucy of Yellow Icing! A huge thanks to these ladies for helping LFB stay afloat! (Want to advertise with LFB for February? Click here to sign up now! It’s easy and pain free, promise!)

Andini of Adventures of an Anglophile

Adventures of an Anglophile

Adventures of an Anglophile is a fashion and personal style blog sprinkled with lifestyle and other fun posts documenting the adventures of an Australian girl living in London.

Lean more about Andini and her blog:

LFB: Thanks so much for advertising with LFB this month! Can you tell LFBers a little bit more about yourself?

Andini: Hi lovelies, I’m Andini and I’m an anglophile. I’ve always had a strong love for British culture so it was pretty much a dream come true when I moved from Australia to London. I adore dressing up in vintage clothes and anything with a snazzy collar, and I spend my spare time sitting intently at the local theatre or rocking out at a music gig. I also have a pretty big Game of Thrones obsession that often threatens to take over my blog.

LFB: Can you tell LFBers how you got started blogging?

Andini: I first started my blog as a way to document my outfits but it’s grown into my special little place online where I feel like I can share anything with my readers. Blogging has also opened so many doors for me and I love the community here, some of my closest friends I’ve met through blogging.

Blogger Andini of Adventures of an Anglophile

LFB: What would LFBers love most about your blog?

Andini: I feel like I have my own personal style and don’t consciously make an effort to follow fashion trends so I hope it inspires others to dress the way they want and feel amazing about it. If you’re also a Game of Thrones fan, you’ll probably love reading all about the GoT related events I go to. I love attending Comic Con here, have met almost the entire cast of GoT and have even
developed quite a close friendship with Sophie Turner who plays Sansa Stark.

Find Andini elsewhere:


Lucy of Yellow Icing

Yellow Icing

Yellow Icing is a personal blog run by Lucy, a girl from North Wales who is a fan of tea, sunsets, food, cocktails and adventures. Yellow Icing is predominantly a travel and lifestyle blog, focusing on her hobbies as a “professional hotel stayer” and other general aspects of life including food, photography, beauty and deep over-thinking.

Find Lucy elsewhere:
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Rae Tilly

Rae the EIC of LFB and YEOJA Magazine. She is also a photographer and social media influencer.


  • Noortje Wijckmans

    This was lovely to read! I love discovering new awesome bloggers, and these two are definitely added to my Bloglovin list

    Project NW | Nakd Addicted

    • rae

      Glad you enjoyed this read and were able to discover two new lovely ladies!

  • Siffat Haider

    Such a lovely read! I’m so glad you introduce your readers to creative individuals who are always a source of inspiration!

    • rae

      Of course, Siffat!

  • This was such an amazing read, loved reading about these two gorgeous girls! I feel like I could be best friends with Andini hehe, also a total GoT geek over here and eternal love for Brisith culture! I used to live in London as well! Immediately added these two lovely bloggers to my reading list!

    XO IMKE | Pastellics

    • rae

      How cool! So glad that you were able to connect to Andini through this post!

  • I completely agree with Andini that blogging creates so many wonderful opportunities and is a really lovely community to be a part of! Lucy seems lovely too – I’ll head to their blogs now! :)

    Gabrielle | A Glass Of Ice x

    • rae

      Hope you enjoy Andini and Lucy’s blogs!

  • Lovely Girls. Great read!! It’s such a good feeling when you find people that share the same interests!


    BLOG | Taislany

    • rae

      So glad you enjoyed this read!

  • Carina Vardie

    Enjoyed reading this, the girls are awesome!


    • rae

      Aren’t they, though?!

  • Thank you for the introduction and I’m going to check both bloggers out. I adore Andini’s sense of style, so unique and just gorgeous!

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

    • rae

      No worries, Shireen! Hope you enjoy their blogs, and yes, Andini has a great sense of style!

  • They see so sweet. Thanks for the spotlight on these bloggers, will check out the sites. Also, Happy New Year! <3 /Madison
    Event Styling

    • rae

      They really are sweet ladies! And of course! Happy New Year to you too, Madison!

  • I’ll be checking out the blogs! They seems really entertaining girls :)

    • rae

      Hope you enjoy them! They really are!

    • rae

      Hope you like their blogs, Alyssa!

  • These stylish ladies look adorable and they seem to run very interesting blogs so thanks for introducing them to us, I’m definitely popping up on their blogs to say hi :)

    • rae

      So glad you liked this post and yes, they are two fantastic ladies!

  • WhatWouldVWear

    So sweet! They look amazing! I will be sure to check them out!

    xoxo, Vanessa

    • rae

      Hope you like their blogs, Vanessa!

  • So cool!! I’m already looking through them :)

    Pop over to my blog!