We're still buzzing about Bite Club Berlin's first Xmas Party.

So we felt it was the perfect time for us to share our interview with founders Tommy and Miranda. Read on to learn more about the two and Bite Club Berlin, a series of street food parties in Berlin:

LFB: Where are you originally from?
Miranda and Tommy: We are both from London originally with mixed backgrounds (Tommy – British/Chilean and Miranda – Iranian/British/Irish)

LFB: How long have you been in Berlin?
Miranda and Tommy: Between us, 16 years (10 for Miranda and 6 for Tommy)

LFB: How did you guys meet and start up Bite Club Berlin?
Miranda and Tommy: We met out and about in Berlin about 6 years ago, as you do, on dance floors, gallery openings and bars in Nuekoelln and we shared a passion for food and events. We had both experienced the street food boom in London and the USA (New York and San Francisco) and had both lived in Tokyo and fallen in love with Japanese street food and Asian night markets. We wanted to combine our love of all things gastro and the Berlin party scene into a wild and tasty food event.

LFB: Can you tell us a little bit about what Bite Club Berlin is?
Miranda and Tommy: We started out as an event on the Spree 5 years ago, creating a platform for young international food entrepreneurs to showcase their talents. All alongside craft cocktails, natural wines, disco DJs, a beautiful location and Berlin Summer good vibes. These days we are still that, but we also are involved much more in the gastro and events business too, incubating and helping new vendors develop their brand identities, consulting on the Berlin food scene, catering all types of events from barn weddings in Brandenburg, to huge conferences at Messe. We provide a platform and network for our selected street food vendors, and try to help them succeed.

LFB: How do you guys select what kind of vendors make up Bite Club Berlin? Is it important to have a decent mix of food from different countries, vegan options, alcohol and dessert as well?
Miranda and Tommy: Firstly, you have to get through one of our tastings. Perk of the job is we get fed in our office quite often and then if we like the food and the concept we will invite you into the club. Of course we want to offer a balance of types of foods, so there are treat foods but also healthy options and we have enough vegan and gluten free choices. I am a spice freak and it was something I really missed when I first moved to Berlin, so my personal choice is always food that is really packed with flavour and a bit of a kick, like Spice Spice Baby Jerk Chicken or real North Indian curries from Bahadur.

LFB: Are the vendors always changing or do some remain the same?
Miranda and Tommy: We have a core team of vendors that have been with us since day one. In the beginning, we really had to hit the street and go to restaurants and cafes we liked and ask them to do street food as there were only a handful of trucks. We are always open to new vendors and try to mix it up as much as we can, our guests like to see the old favourites like Bunsmobile mixed in with new treats.

LFB: Music is a big part of Bite Club Berlin – how do you guys select the DJs and music style? (i.e. is it influenced by the kind of food being served, or does the music influence the food)
Miranda and Tommy: The music for us is more about the mood. We want our events to be fun and a celebration, especially the Friday evenings as the start to the weekend, so it is about enjoyable food, drinks and music. We have a strict no techno policy, even though we love techno and Berlin does it best, our vibe is more upbeat, good times and summer fun, so mainly disco.

LFB: How does food culture in Berlin differ from other places?
Miranda and Tommy: The interesting thing about Berlin is that it has an established food culture which is mainly German and Turkish and you can get some great stuff, but there is a really new international boom happening that reflects the broader culture of the city. It is young, fun and full of variety, just like the city around it.

photography by: Rae Tilly

Rae Tilly

Rae the EIC of LFB and YEOJA Magazine. She is also a photographer and social media influencer.


  • I can totally see how people connect over street food, and how fun to bring it into the party scene! You can always tell when people love what they do, and I feel that from Miranda and Tommy! -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey’s