Looking for something to do this Friday? Then be sure to come down to Bite Club Berlin and check out Dewars' Scotch Egg Club!

Being part of a global event series that brings to life the tale of Tommy Dewar and his affinity for perfection through pleasure and with events in Barcelona, Shanghai, Moskau and Madrid, Dewar´s, a Premium Scotch Whisky, will be taking part in an event happening in Berlin this weekend in the form of the Scotch Egg Club, a food truck that has made the rounds in international cities all around the globe.

This time, Dewars’ Scotch Egg Club will be parking it’s truck at Bite Club Berlin, a street food event put on by Bite Club, a duo whose focus is all things deliciously edible. The event will be taking place tomorrow on the 14th of July at Arena in Berlin from 5pm-12am and will be followed by events on the 30th of July, the 13th of August, the 18th of August and the 27th of August.

Dewar´s Scotch Egg Club (#scotcheggclub), will be presenting a food truck with selected Scotch Egg creations. The chef Fabio Haebel has developed 3 special recipes to present for the event: Dewar’s Scotch Egg Classic (pork and beef with a cocktail dip), Dewar’s Scotch Egg Hot (parsley lamb with a Jalapeño dip) and Dewar’s Scotch Egg Veggie (mushrooms and cabbage with a honey mint dip). Naturally each dish will be served with the whisky best suited for it: Dewar’s Smooth, Craigellachie and Aberfeldy respectively.

If you are in Berlin this Friday, be sure to stop by for some finger-licking good food and smooth as butter whiskey. Entry is free! You won’t regret it, we promise!

Photos courtesy of Dewar’s

Rae Tilly

Rae the EIC of LFB and YEOJA Magazine. She is also a photographer and social media influencer.