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After living in Germany for so long, Thanksgiving has become this really weird, almost foreign but simultaneously familiar holiday to me. My first two years in Berlin, I attempted to cook an entire thanksgiving dinner – which as you can imagine didn’t exactly turn out that well. Oh well, A for effort. Now I sort of look at Thanksgiving as this awesome family holiday that “must be really great to celebrate” as if I am looking at it with stranger eyes, observing something I have never experienced.

It’s like I’m sitting there inferring that it would be the kind of holiday I could really get behind – the positive aspects being good company, good food, and being thankful (because we all know no holiday is perfect or without controversy) – and yet not missing it even though I celebrated it every damned year for 20 consecutive years. I have decided to try and regain some of my Thanksgiving cred by making a few seasonal dishes for Thanksgiving to share with my boyfriend and then maaaaybe working up to a full-blown thanksgiving dinner with the help of friends next year. Two things on my giant list of things-I-want-to-cook-and-or-bake-but-will-probably-never-get-around-to? A Pumpkin bread and a warm brussels sprout salad. These recipes might not be traditionally thanksgivingesque, but hey, I’m living in Berlin.

pumpkin bread with cinnamon swirl
warm brussels sprouts salad

photography: sprouted kitchen and free people

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Rae Tilly

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  • Living in England, I’ve never celebrated thanks giving before, but I can imagine all the food being amazingggg!

    The Velvet Black // UK Style, Beauty Blog

  • elenatovpas
  • Sol Bela

    Lovely post dear!
    Hope you have a great thanksgiving day!
    I invite you to join my giveaway!

  • Samantha Mariko

    your photography is phenomenal! I’m going to miss thanksgiving again (its not celebrated in Japan), so I miss the American-style dinner with turkey and stuffing. These dishes look so delicious! thanks for visiting my blog, I just followed you on bloglovin!

  • Those look so good! Hope you make them. :)

  • Mira

    haha. Great try though :)
    Hope you had an amzing thanksgiving ^_^

    One Frozen Mind

  • Eena

    Ya know, despite living in the States for over 7 years now, I still don’t really celebrate Thanksgiving Dx

    Awesome photos by the way! Teach me your ways :o


  • Ellie

    Both of those recipes look so good! When I was living abroad, I didn’t do anything to celebrate Thanksgiving, but now it’s just a good excuse to see family and eat delicious food :) Hope you get a chance to have a little celebration!

    • rae

      Oh def. Thanksgiving is actually … or was actually one of my favorite holidays because it’s all about surrounding yourself with people you care about.

  • I’m feeling a little anxious because I’m having a Christmas dinner in a couple of weeks and I have no idea how I’m going to cook for so many people. I feel a disaster movie brewing. Kudo’s to you for giving it a shot.

    You should come to Australia. We don’t celebrate Thanksgiving here ;) x

    • rae

      Oh no! Maybe you can rope your friends and family into helping you out? and Australia has definitely been on my list of places to visit for some time now!

  • The two recipes sound so delicious, it’s great that you still celebrate it in your own way even if it’s not typically traditional.

    • rae

      thanks Natasha. And I hope you get a chance to try the recipes out!