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001: All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. But all play and no work makes Jack homeless. Back in Berlin and putting in lots of hours editing hundreds of photos from the weddings I have shot.

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weekly links to interesting sites -

001: These stunning road trip photos from Brooklyn to Nashville.
002: The best of Key and Peele sketches according to 39 Comedians and Comic Actors
003: Incredible technology turning sci-fi into reality
004: This recipe for a quinoa tofu stir-fry. Mmmmmm…
005: Slate’s take on comedy central’s new show, “Moonbeam City”
006: This DIY which will teach you how to make an awesome planter.
007: photographing grimy teen america


001: Interior Adventures 003: Take a peek inside my bedroom
002: Visual Stimulation 042 Hannah Minkner’s stunning photography
003: Instafinds 022: Keeping the summer alive
004: LFB has reached 1,000+ followers on bloglovin’! Thanks so much for the support!
005: Just an FYI: LFB posts every Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday, so be sure to check back regularly for all new content!

photography by: Green Kitchen Stories, Fall for Diy, and Nikki Brand

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Herzlich, Rae
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Rae Tilly

Rae the EIC of LFB and YEOJA Magazine. She is also a photographer and social media influencer.


  • That quinoa tofu stir fry looks so delicious! Very well timed too, as I’ve recently been trying to incorporate more meat-free options into my diet and inspiration can be hard to come by!

    Tessa at Bramble & Thorn

    • rae

      AH awesome! Do let me know how it turns out if you make it!

  • Oh I love that plaited clay planter – i’m all about the clay at the moment too :) Have fun editing – don’t go too crazy!

    • rae

      Me too! I really want to try and make some! And thanks :)

  • Nice links! Love the road trip photos♥

    • rae

      Glad you liked the round up, Summer!

  • Serene Kurd

    Thanks for the link sweetie! The stir fry looks too damn tasty <3

    Serene | I Am Serene L

    • rae

      Glad you enjoyed!

  • Wow, great road trip photos, they look like fashion ads

  • Love the road trip images, though I’m a sucker for some Americana.

    Buckets & Spades

    • rae

      Oh god me too, and I think I tend to romanticize it even more now that I am living in Europe for so long.

  • Key & Peele! I love their sketches I think they are hilarious! Thank you so much for the link, I very much will be laughing my ass off! Haha <3

    xx Bash | Hey Bash | bloglovin’

    • rae

      They are just absolutely hilarious aren’t they?!

  • What a great roundup! That stir fry looks delicious, made me hungry. Congrats for reaching 1k on Bloglovin :)

    • rae

      Thanks Ela, so glad you enjoyed this round up of links and thanks, I am pretty proud of LFB!

  • Tiffany C

    love this blog – i’m following you now on bloglovin ;)

    • rae

      So glad you enjoy LFB, Tiffany!

  • Christina

    Du hast einen wahnsinnig tollen und vor allem inspirierenden Blog!

    Solche Beiträge sind wirklich super interessant. Finde besonders die Kategorie “On the Web” super, besonders gut gefallen mir das Quinoa Rezept und das DIY.
    Liebste Grüße und noch einen schönen Abend!

    Christina von

    • rae

      Ach danke Christina! Freut mich, dass du die Links toll findest! Sag mir bescheid, wenn du die Quinoa Rezept machst! :D

  • That quinoa tofu stir fry looks unreal! Fab post

    Hannah xx

    Raspberry Kitsch | UK Fashion & Lifestyle Blog

    • rae

      Thanks, Hannah! Glad you enjoyed!

  • Amy

    What a lovely post! That planter is so cute ♥
    Amy xx

    Little Moon Dragon

    • rae

      I know! I definitely need to make a few planters and get a few more plants!

  • I love those road trip photos


    • rae

      Aren’t they just amazing? Love them too.

    • rae

      Thanks Adela!

  • Zee

    Road trips are so much fun!!!

    • rae

      Aren’t they? Really would love to go on one again sometime soon!

  • I’ve never done these sorts of posts on my blog, but I always LOVE when other people do them. You get a cool chance to see what people are looking at on the Internet and what interests them. And often it can be such a wide variety of things from news articles to lifestyle type of snippets from the web that catch people’s eyes. :) I really loved the road trip photos and the grimy teen photos. Back when I almost took the photography thing on the road, the grimy teen sort of series was the sort of projects I envisioned doing.

    • rae

      Definitely – it really is a great way to discover new blogs and websites. And you should totally do a photo project on the road!

  • Kübra & Büşra Türkmen
    • rae

      No problem!

  • Die Tofu Pfanne sieht echt lecker aus. Gratuliere dir zu den 1000+ Bloglovin Followern :)

    xx /

    • rae

      Ja ich will es unbedingt kochen! Und vielen dank :3 Bin sehr froh darüber!

  • I have been watching Key and Peele’s sketches and they never fail to make me laugh and then realize something by the end of the skit. Haha! Great post, btw Rae. :)

    x, Kat of Nested Thoughts

    • rae

      They are seriously so funny. I love the one where the urban teacher goes into a super white area and can’t pronounce any of the names of his students LOL.


    Always love your roundups


    • rae

      Thanks! Glad you enjoyed!

  • great round-up! I’m going to have to try that quinoa stir fry.. yum!

    xx Sam | The Heart of the House

    • rae

      Do and let me know how you like it!

  • Great round up girl! I love road trip photos.

    • rae

      Aren’t they just absolutely stunning?!

  • Beautiful photos! I’m loving the road trip photos!

    • rae

      Right? I am so into road trip themed photos!

  • Those road trip photos are STUNNING. Now I’ve those strong feelings of wanderlust all over again!


    • rae

      Aren’t they just stunning? Really makes me want to hop in a car and just drive from one side of the US to the next. Looks like I need to find a way to get to the US with a bunch of friends first!

  • I’m not a fan of Togo but that stir fry looks delicious
    livinginaboxx | bloglovin

    • rae

      Doesn’t it? And I cannot say if I am a fan of Togo or not as I have yet to try it.

  • The incredible technology post is so interesting!

    Pop over to my blog!