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001: Martin Shkreli, possibly the most hatest man in the world (aditional reading here)
002: A deeper look at the consequences of a facebook “dislike button”
003: If I am ever in Utah, this is where I want to stay
004: Jocks and Nerds is holding a pop-up event all weekend in Shinola’s London shop. Wishing I could attend! Read more about the event here*
005: 5 Chinese designers you should know about.
006: Loving the look from blogger Steffy over at steffy’s pros and cons
007: This delicious danish cucumber salad recipe) from blogger Jessica over at Team Wiking


Berlin Street Fashion - lovefromberlin.net

001: Anatomy of an Outfit 023: My most recent late summer outfit and my thoughts of growing up and looking back on the past.
002: Globetrotting 009: Discover Urban House, one of the coolest cafes I have ever stepped foot in.
003: In the home 007: Check out my favorite rustic and bohemian bathrooms curated from pinterest.
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005: Still looking for my questions for my first column which goes out next month! Please ask me a question about anything advice related or otherwise, and I will answer it in next month’s column! (More information here.)

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the perfect cafe - lovefromberlin.net

001: Last year, I wrote about what makes a perfect cafe and my conclusions are still the same. What do you look for in the perfect cafe?
002: Can’t wait to make some winter health bowls like these ones now that it’s fall.
003: Looking back on these images from the Baltic sea is making me long for a weekend trip up north.

photography by: ffixxed, Steffy, Jessica, and Johannes Husen
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