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While there is something magical about a completely modern and minimalistic kitchen, I tend to have more of a weak spot for mashed together ragtag bohemian kitchens. There is just something that feels so cozy, unique, and do-it-yourself about kitchens that have been pieced together with thrifted and bought furniture over time.

What would your dream kitchen look like? Let me know in the comments below.

kitchen inspiration for

kitchen inspiration for

kitchen inspiration for

kitchen inspiration for

kitchen inspiration for

kitchen inspiration for

kitchen inspiration for

kitchen inspiration for

source: found on pinterest. Original sources located on bottom right hand corner of photo when given.

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  • You’ve collated some gorgeous photos, I always love modern kitchens but some of these looks definitely rival them! The colin price, jungalow and sergeson morrison one, especially.


  • Love all these kitchen inspirations. My dream kitchen is black and white. Really minimalistic.

  • These look gorgeous!!! Wowza

    Beauty Candy Loves

  • Oh my. If ever I will have my own kitchen, these designs will definitely go to my list. They make want to live inside my kitchen. Haha. ❤

    Spices + Everything Nice |

  • Fave kind of design, really! another great entry, Rae! xx

  • Elizabeth Hisle

    Normally I like minimalist colors, but that parrot green tile is to die for.

  • I love everything that has something to do with the bohemian style. Especially clothes, and I’ve never thought of a bohemian kitchen but this looks so cute! I want one now haha

  • Charlotte Luisa

    These kitchens are amazing! I am already planning my future kitchen on my pinterest and this is exactly the style I am going for. I love how comfortable and inviting bohemian kitchens look and I can’t wait to decorate my own :)

    Love from New York,

    Charlotte Luisa |

  • Funny enough, my kitchen actually looks like this! My mom loves an English cottage design, and our kitchen reflects that with wood everywhere and pastel colours. It looks beautiful though since we’re moving in a year, we’re having a modern & minimalist concept instead. Still, I absolute love the boho rustic look. It’s just not practical for us right now <3

    xx Bash | H E Y   B A S H | bloglovin’

  • Dream kitchen ♡

    ♡ Purple smokey eyes ♡

  • Like you, I love a minimal modern kitchen but i have a huge weak spot for anything bohemian, especially kitchens and bedrooms! I love the looks of bowls on the counter and flowers in the sick, so so sweet!!

    Kierra |

  • I’m not sure I could choose between all those, they would all be lovely but I think the last one is more me! Great idea for a post, it’s got me thinking.

  • So many amazing kitchens. I need this inspo for when I finally buy a house

    Lauren x |

  • It’s so hard to choose what elements you would actually put in my kitchen because I find that my style can be so eclectic that it crosses the line between just enough “weird” and too much “weird”. I think I’d go with kind of a modern farmhouse type look though. Whatever that may look like. Maybe marble counters lining the kitchen with white shaker cabinets but a dark blue or gunmetal grey butcher’s block for my island. Copper accessories. It just sounds like my jam. :)

    Xo Melissa

  • Had to save this for future reference. I’m so sold on how pretty these kitchens look!

    Hannie Arden from

  • It’s hard to think about. I have never given much thought to my dream kitchen, maybe because we don’t sell kitchens in the shop (my family owns a decoration shop). I like older looks, love 50s style kitchens in white and baby blue. It need to have a lot of light and enough space for several people to be in it at the same time.

  • These remind me of a quaint country home! I love them- My dream kitchen would definitely have an area for herbs to grow!
    My friend has a kitchen with a full chalkboard wall, it’s really good for keeping lists as well as signing your name and creating memories. :)

  • I love the look of these kitchens, but personally I would love it very minimalistic and small (eg: my current kitchen – it’s tiny!)

    Pop over to my blog :)


    • Ooh, that sounds lovely! The minimalist style really reminds me of Scandinavian interior design – simple yet stunning! Have you ever seen the SMEG fridges? They sound like they’d be perfect for you as well – they’re wonderfully chic, and minimalist, and really small too, so they wouldn’t take up too much space, haha! :)

  • These photos are just wow!! Makes me want to move out now! haha
    For me I’ve always imagined my kitchen to be all white with splashes of colour here and there and rose gold elements. Marble tabletop.

    Anna Czarina Blog

  • Oh my goodness, I love those copper pots and pans! There’s just something so rustic and antique-ish, yet so pretty about them! <3 Aw, I would love to see a blog post with photos of your kitchen in real life as well! Mine is frankly, a mess, but I can imagine yours to be absolutely wonderful.

  • I’m not sure about my kitchen exactly because as you know my style is really similar to yours and I love the cluttered, warm, homey look and feel to a place and that’s definitely what I want my place to be like when I buy it and move in. I just don’t want to get my hopes up too much about what my kitchen is going to look like because I might get a really old one or a really new one and there’s not as much you can customise with a kitchen compared to say an empty living room or bedroom. But I totally love a mixture of the two – hanging pots & pans on the wall, having plans on the windowsill and cute mismatched plates, but I would still definitely need it to be function or else it would do my head in!

    jessica –