With the temperatures rising, and more and more restaurants and cafes setting out their outdoor seating, I’ve been dreaming of my own outdoor space. Unfortunately the closest thing that I’m getting to having my own balcony or backyard is opening the window. I am lucky enough to have a shared garden behind the back of my apartment building, which is more like a mini private park for the three apartment houses surrounding it. No doubt, this is definitely a sweet feature that comes with the flat, and each summer I tend to use it more and more – especially for summer barbecues with friends. Still, nothing beats having your own outdoor space that you can do whatever the hell you want with. I mean, you can grow whatever you want, decorate it however you want, have breakfast in the sun, and relax in the evening in nothing but your underwear ALL DAY ERRDAY if you so choose – and you can do it all without even having to leave the comfort of your home.

cozy balcony, boho hammock

bohemian outdoor spaces, hammocks, plants

beautiful bohemian outdoor spaces

beautiful bohemian outdoor spaces

beautiful hammocks in the tropics

beautiful bohemian outdoor spaces backyard hammock

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