LFB this month is focused on food, so what better excuse do we need to chat to Lucy Richards (@lucyrichardsphotography), a food and lifestyle photographer about what it’s like being behind the camera and surrounded by the tasty stuff.

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LFB: Can you tell us a bit about yourself?

Lucy: I am a freelance food and lifestyle photographer, based in London but travel often nationally and abroad shooting. I worked as an assistant from the age of 17, originally within the fashion industry before side stepping into the world of food around 3 years ago.


LFB: How did you get into food photography and why?

Lucy: The reason I choose food was because of my love of eating, cooking, learning about it and the upbringing I had. I come from a family of cooks and home economists and realised I was much more excited by sweet potato and seabass than suede and diamantes. I love the food industry and the real, hardworking people I meet everyday.

LFB: What are some of the best things about your job?

Lucy: The people. I meet fantastic, creative foodies on every job. The makers and creators are the most enthusiastic I’ve ever met and are excited by what they do for a living.






LFB: What are the negatives to being a food photographer?

Lucy: The world of being self employed can sometimes be tricky. No one finds you work, does your tax return or pays you holiday pay. If you are sick, there is little protection and it can be very hard sometimes to say no and have ‘me’ time.

LFB: Apart from food, are there any other aspects of photography you love?

Lucy: I love people, but not in the fashion and styling way I worked in previously. I love lifestyle and capturing candid images. I also LOVE travel photography.





LFB: Where are some of your favourite places to eat?

Lucy: I love Japanese comfort food, it is my favourite cuisine. I love the Bone Daddies chain. Nanban in Brixton is probably my new fave though. I love Bao of any description too, especially Yum Bun.

LFB: Any favourite foods to photograph?

Lucy: Bread. Probably because it makes the best shoot snacking. Especially sourdough, there is something rustic and wholesome about shooting baked goods.





LFB: Do you have any tips for any budding photographers, foodies or otherwise?

Lucy: Start experimenting, test shoots are still the most fun for me because you can be super creative and play with whatever media you like. It’s also fun to work with other creatives starting out and if you stay friendly, you will always help each other out along the way.

LFB: How do you see your work evolving and growing in the future?

Lucy: I would like to shoot a book, travel more with work and continue to develop and refine my style. Mostly, continue to love it. Work to live, and not live to work.


You can find Lucy at her website and on instagram @lucyrichardsphotography.

interview conducted by: Izzy McLeod, photography: Lucy Richards, layout: Delphine Millet

Izzy McLeod

Hey I'm Izzy, an Ethical Fashion, conscious travel, general life blogger, and Astrophysics student from the UK. I love exploring new places with my camera in hand, eating all the vegan food I can find and I'm always at home by the sea.


  • Even though I’m not a food photographer, when I come back from my trips, I find that the majority of my photos are all of food! hehe. I enjoyed this interview and was inspired by how she not only captures food in her food photography, but food in the context of life. It’s also cool to see how she’s done other kinds of photography :) -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey’s

    • I think food photography is something we can all relate to whether we are photographers or not, everyone connects with food! – Sophie

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