On our last day in Camden, Nick and I broke for a quick breakfast. We parted at Chalk Farm road, he turning left for Fish and Chips (the last obligatory British meal for this half-British man that he would be eating in a long time) and I right for a local place I had found on foursquare. My Village Cafe, although literally a stone’s throw away from Stables Market was surprisingly devoid of tourists and felt like a relatively local spot. This was a resounding plus, as large crowds are not really my thing (except when I am drunk it’s the weekend, because nothing matters when you’re drunk and it’s the weekend). Overall, I only really have good things to say about this place.

The owner, a Kurdish man living in London, was extremely friendly, and even offered to exhibit my photography work in his restaurant free of charge after seeing me take a few photos, if I were ever to come back to London. Although I might never actually get the opportunity to take him up on it, the offer alone was extremely kind. And as Nick popped round to pick me up, the man offered to put my tea in a take away cup, adding extra hot water. It’s the little things, I tell you. It really stuck in my memory and I thought to myself, if only everybody ran their businesses with such love and attention and clear enthusiasm. A friend once said to me that only assholes get ahead in this world, but I beg to disagree. You get what you put out into this world, and if you treat everyone with respect and kindness (for the most part) it will eventually be returned. Of course, our actions shouldn’t really be based on some anticipated reaction, but I think you are picking up what I’m putting down.

Going to a place where almost everything on the menu was fair game was also pretty awesome. I went with the falafel plate. The falafel itself was slightly dry and crumbly, but still extremely tasty, as was the sauce that came with the salad. If you find yourself in Camden, I would definitely pop by for lunch.

I also have to say that even if you are only travelling for a long weekend, it’s always really nice to have a few moments to yourself. Nick and I had a fabulous two full days, but I also really value being able to experience my destination of travel as the individual human that I am – to have a half an hour to myself and my thoughts. It’s also is a great opportunity to sort of pretend you are living wherever it is you may be. It’s kinda like micro-testing out the waters without your opinion being influenced by anything else. Verdict? Sign me up. I’m ready to move to London. That and, My Village Cafe has been added to the places-where-I-definitely-want-to-be-able-to-say-I’ll-have-the-regular-and-the-guy-will-know-what-I-am-talking-about list.

Photography: Rae Tashman

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Stay conscious, Rae


Rae Tilly

Rae the EIC of LFB and YEOJA Magazine. She is also a photographer and social media influencer.


  • Royal Wang

    I love this lifestyle transformed from your lens, very good and the image with very high quality which wowed me so much

    welcome to my blog


    • rae

      Thanks, glad that you like it.

  • Ahh I think I take London for granted a lot of time! I’ll definitely pop by :) Great post!

    • rae

      It is easy to do that when you live in the place most people go to as tourists. I grew up 15 minutes outside of DC and never really took advantage of the fact.

  • Inês Costa

    I Found your blog and I love it! ♥


    • rae

      Really glad that you like it, Inês!

  • I am so into your blog right now~~ <3

    • rae

      I am so glad :) Yours is one of my favorites!

  • Neal Kind

    Love your blog design :D
    That looks delicious :D

  • So yummy- I’ve never tried falafel, but have always been intrigued. Pictures are beautiful!


    • rae

      You should definitely give falafel a chance, it’s so good!

  • I love that “I’m a regular” feeling. I have that in my local pub and it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy. I agree with you, you do get what you put out in this world and the idea that only being an arsehole gets rewards is sad.

    • rae

      It’s complicated, because I do also believe that sadly, assholes do get ahead. Or maybe not assholes in the sense of a person who trips someone while walking or pulls a chair out from under someone when they are ready to sit down but more of the kind of asshole who is strategic and knows how to use people to their benefit. There are a lot of people who know how to do this and find others who like to be in the role of follower or helper and this makes the process of attaining goals a lot easier, be it in the work place or attempts at fame like a music career.

      • “There are a lot of people who know how to do this and find others who like to be in the role of follower or helper and this makes the process of attaining goals a lot easier, be it in the work place”

        Yes yes yes, I keep meeting these kinds of people and the whole thing is just awful.

  • Beautiful pictures and it sounds like a great place! x


    • rae

      It really is, hope you can check it out one day if you are ever in Camden!

  • It definitely is the little things like that, it looks like a lovely place!

    • rae

      It really is!

  • Looks so delicious!

    • rae

      Thanks, Kristine!

  • Yum, that looks delicious, and awesome to hear of such a good guy! Yay for people not having to be nasty to succeed!

  • “A friend once said to me that only assholes get ahead in this world, but I beg to disagree”…..I am determined to prove this wrong! :)

  • Amy

    Such a great post and I love the photos. Do you mind if I ask what you edit with? You’ve got lovely film-like tones there.

  • aww rae in london, what a lovely read!! let me know when you return, would be more than happy to show you around some more amazing corners!
    xx finja | http://www.effcaa.com