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Now that Thanksgiving has officially come and gone (which, btw was the best friendsgiving yet to date), it’s time to hop all over Christmas. For those of you who may be new to LFB, I was actually raised Jewish but have basically been obsessed with Christmas since before I can remember. Probably because all of the beautiful Christmas decorations and trees I saw in the windows of my neighbors. Sadly Hanukkah bushes just aren’t the same and Hanukkah Harry not even a real thing. I also have a small 60s housewife that resides within this small asian body, which is in love with all things crafty and cozy, so it has taken a lot of restraint to wait to decorate until now. In addition to the usual decorations, I plan to do some DIYs as well – the first one being an Advent Calendar. I have a pretty good idea of what I will be doing, but if you are still struggling to come up with a concept for a handmade one, then check out my favorite finds from around the web.

DIY Advents Calendar -

001 | 002

DIY Advents Calendar -

003 | 004
DIY Advents Calendar -

005 | 006
DIY Advents Calendar -

007 | 008
DIY Advents Calendar -

009 | 010
DIY Advents Calendar -

011 | 012
DIY Advents Calendar -

013 | 014 | 015

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Rae Tilly

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  • I really like unconventional Holiday decorations. You can get so creative with what looks “festive”

    Chelsey |

  • I love those advent calendars! I’m never sure what to do about decorating for Christmas, as I go home to Spain for most of the holidays, so each year I debate whether I will decorate the house or not. This year I’m not even feeling festive at all yet! I think I need a Pinterest session to cure this!

    Inma x

  • Wow these look amazing! I love the ones hanging from branches! See I’m a traditional Cadbury chocolate girl, but maybe if I can find some time, I’ll definitely have a go at making some of these.

    JosieVictoriaa // // Lifestlye, Travel and Fashion

  • Becky Hughff

    I absolutely love unique advent calendars like this – so cute!! And dare i say it…better than chocolate ones!!!

  • Haha, I´m also obsessed with Christmas decorations! They are just so beautiful and make any room cosy :)

  • These advent calendar s are too cute! I love the one with the little tags that look like houses in the night.

    I was raised Jewish too but my Mom has always been obsessed with Christmas. Every year she would go all out with decorations all over the house, baking cookies, gingerbread houses, etc etc. Now that all the kids are grown up its not as excessive, but it’s definitely rubbed off on me — I especially love decorating and baking around this time of year. :)

  • that christmas tree branch one is so flipping cute! I wish I could be this creative :D x

    Hannah x hannatalks

  • a handmade advent calendar is such a nice idea! #7 is my fave i think, the colors look so cute :)

  • How cool these advent calendars look, they are really creative!

  • These are all so beautiful!

  • Haha, I can relate! I am so fond of Christmas too, in fact, each year I get more and more excited about it! I don’t have any religious ties to it whatsoever, but the whole experience and coziness just warms my soul. And I need that in winter. Perhaps the more I dread winter the more I love Christmas… maybe it’s a contrast thing? High highs, low lows? Either way, I’m already super excited for the holidays! And I may or may not have been planning things since September haha…

  • Nadia

    009 is my absolute fave, hon! Such lovely bits and bobs :) I love Christmas and so lovely to read you’ve loved it from early age despite anything ;) I can’t wait to start decorating next week. Think November is still quite early so once we roll into December I am turning the house into the Christmas Land lol :)
    xox Nadia

  • Such cute advents, sadly i dont have time to make one this year but i’m so inspired to make one so next year for sure!

    Dana ||

  • I am not the most artistic of people so I wouldn’t be the best at making my own but it is such an amazing idea

    Lauren x |

  • So much fun! Great ideas. They make me wish I was at home right now for the holidays. Soon!

  • Caroline Koehn

    These Advent calendars are so adorable! You’ve inspired me!

  • Wow these are stunning, thanks for sharing!

    Hannah | Oh January

  • Ruth Xu

    Much I enjoyed reading your blog.

  • Ruth Xu

    These pictures were so perfect

  • Oh wow! What gorgeous advent calendars.

    Sorcha x Bright Field Notes

  • I love this post! I just did a creative new take on an advent tree for our holiday this year! I am so excited to post it tomorrow on my blog and start eating a little treat every night!

  • Love these advent calenders/decorations! I would love something like this any day!

    Pop over to my blog!


  • I was raised Christian and although I’m not a religious person anymore, I still love to celebrate Christmas! It brings back so many happy childhood memories :) I’ve always loved advent calendars, but I usually owned traditional chocolate ones (and could never restrain myself from eating a bit more than one chocolate in a day). I had no idea that such beautiful modern calendars existed! The one with envelopes has absolutely stole my heart :)