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Having a christmas tree and decorating it is just one of the most festive parts of celebrating Christmas. Still, there are many other ways you can have your Christmas tree without having to buy a real tree only to throw it out a few weeks later. (Although real Christmas trees do smell amazing and are absolutely beautiful, I don’t know about you, but I prefer my trees in the forest happy and alive.) You an always invest in a re-usable plastic tree to prevent throwing away trees every year, but if you are not the biggest fan of plastic and are looking for some other unique ideas, then check out some of these incredible finds below. Real evergreens everywhere will thank you.


10 Christmas Tree Alternatives

Avoid real trees this Christmas with these alternatives

1: Re-usable plastic tree – Invest in a re-usable tree that you can use year after year.
2: Christmas tree print – Buy a poster of a christmas tree and decorate the poster with some garlands.
3: Polaroid tree – Let your would-be Christmas tree stay safely in the ground. Instead, photograph it with a Polaroid camera and hang this up instead.
4: Christmas tree tapestries – Buy a tapestry with a Christmas tree and hang this up instead. These life-sized trees lend themselves to also being decorated with ornaments too!
5: Chalkboard tree – If you are lucky enough to have a chalkboard wall in your home, draw your tree with pretty chalk and place your presents around it.
6: Tree of branches – Collect fallen branches in the wood and either create a standing tree out of it or hang the branches on the wall.
7: Garland tree – At this time of year, there are a lot of shops selling branches from trees. Now, this may be a bit of a grey area, as I am not sure if evergreens are cut down solely for this purpose, but you could buy one branch and use this to create a minimalistic tree on the wall. Check out Almost Makes Perfect’s tutorial for this here.
8: “Bits-and-bobs” tree – Hang little bits and bobs on the wall in the shape of a tree. Nail them to a wooden board if you are afraid of attaching them to the wall. This works great as you can also store it away and pull it out next year as well. A cork board would work as well.
9: Ladder tree – Decorate a latter as if it were a tree for a modern twist.
10: Branch tree – find a very large branch outside and decorate the little guy.











Source: pinterest

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  • Those are some great ideas! Very thoughtful!

    • rae

      Thanks, Chichi!

  • Wow I love these, what original ideas.

    Lauren x |

    • rae

      Thanks, Lauren, glad you liked it!

  • Rae, these are incredible ideas! Because I don’t celebrate Christmas with my family, i always try to find alternatives to little trees in my room. I usually go for small plastic trees, but the Polaroid tree looks incredible. These inspirations are amazing!

    May | THE MAYDEN | Bloglovin’

    • rae

      Thanks so much, May! Glad this inspired you!

  • Love the wooden beams idea. Oh this place is looking all new and fresh!

    Buckets & Spades

    • rae

      Right?! And thanks for noticing!

  • LOVELY ideas! :)

    I like lights in winter very much! ♥


    Photography & Fashion Blog


  • I’ve managed to buy a tiny tree as I’m on a budget but these ideas are amazing!

    • rae

      I did the same when I was in Uni for my dorm room :)

  • these are such cute and clever ideas for Christmas tree <3

    Capturing Life Memoirs | bloglovin’ | Instagram

    • rae

      Glad you liked the post, Aimee!

  • I LOVE this post! I usually go home to Spain at some point during Christmas so am reluctant to get a tree. Plus I don’t like the idea of buying a tree every year. I have a few decorations (paper snowflakes, white and wooden stars and a felt robin) that I use around the house each year, but I love some of the ideas here, especially the print and the chalkboard tree. One for next year, definitely!

    Inma x

    • rae

      So happy that you enjoyed this post, Inma! And yes I agree entirely – I really do feel like it is such a sad waste to kill trees just for a few weeks a year. Re-usable decoration is great – I do the same! It is always so fun to unpack everything each year and set everything out :) Glad you liked the ideas!

  • Jimena

    Das sind ja wirklich ganz tolle Ideen!

    Liebe Grüße
    Jimena von

    • rae

      Danke, Jimena!

  • vnsachn

    love your blog
    super chic

  • All these ideas are so adorable! I’ve seen “book trees” too, where people stack up books and drape lights around it. My parents always reused their plastic tree, and when I get my own space I’ll likely do the same thing – I’m not too big about having a tree cut down just for decoration (though I do admit that it smells so good)!

    becky ♡ star violet

    • rae

      Book trees are such a great idea too but I definitely do not have enough books for one! And yes, re-using a plastic tree is always as good idea – I do the same!

  • s dan

    love this post, such good ideas

  • Such great ideas! Love the picture tree

    • rae

      Thanks, Emma!

  • These are really creative and great ideas, also they look amazing!

    • rae

      Glad you enjoyed the post!

  • Kiki Rampone

    These are all such awesome ideas!I I love the tapestry and the Polaroid tree. Thanks for sharing!

    xo Kiki

    • rae

      Thanks Kiki!

  • I really like the wood branches/tree branches tree idea – that’s definitely a minimalist take on it :) and the tapestry one looks so #aestheticallypleasing hahah! Although I think the plan tomorrow is to go to tree shopping so I guess there’s another year of real tree for us! Are you doing any of these, Rae? Would love to see how you decorate your space! :)

    Cherie x
    find me at sinonym

    • rae

      Glad you liked these ideas! I have actually not done anything this year for a tree! I have a re-usable one I pull out every year, but for some reason I have not pulled it out this year. I have however, decorated the whole flat in other small ways!

  • Beautiful ideas; I have a lovely fake tree myself so I can use it year to year. Ended up pinning most of these on Pinterest. Thanks for sharing!

    xo, Alice | Miss Inconnue | Etsy

    • rae

      Thanks so much, Alice!

  • These are beautiful – for me, I also love the fact that some of them can be positioned up and out of my cat’s reach ;)

    • rae

      Right?! Having a real or even plastic tree can be so difficult with pets so these make for great alternatives when you have little ones who like to munch on everything!

  • These are amazing ideas, I especially love the polaroid idea!
    Blue Jazzmin

    • rae

      Thanks, Farrah!

  • I also spotted this on Pinterest! Really creative alternative Christmas trees…

    (◕‿◕✿) | Instagram | Bloglovin

    • rae

      Yep, pinterest is such a great source of inspiration!

  • Nice ideas and tips! I love our christmas trees we have at home ♥ they have been already garnished ♥ Lovely photos! ♡

    Have a nice holiday! | Gabrielle

    • rae

      Glad you enjoyed the tips!

  • Adaleta Avdic

    I really love your innovative ideas and alternatives to a tree. These are fun and I would love to do them next year in place of a tree. Thanks for sharing! xx,

    • rae

      Thanks, Adaleta, glad you enjoyed the post!

  • So creative! I love the idea of the branch or a poster of a tree. Very inspiring!

    • rae

      Glad you enjoyed!

  • This is such a cool spin on Christmas trees, Rae. I have to admit I really like that first photo with the tree that reminds me of an advent calendar. It’s like a two in one. :]

    // ▲ ▲

  • These ideas are amzaing! I didn’t have a tree in a while because my cat always attacks it.

    • rae

      Glad you liked them! And yes, these alternatives also great for cat-proofing your house around the holidays!

  • All of these are just so beautiful! I love the idea of keep the Christmas spirit alive without an actual tree. So lovely!

    • rae

      Thanks Ashley!

  • I love Christmas trees but this year I have no space in my apartment. Love these alternatives!

  • This is just a genius idea! I love this for saving trees. Plus the creativity would be a great project I can do with my boyfriend. Love this! Surely following you!


  • I love these alternative Christmas trees! Don’t get me wrong I love Christmas, but putting up and down a Christmas tree takes too much time and effort. Sometimes I’m just too lazy to do it. Actually in our house right now we just put mininature gold Christmas trees that I could easily store and bring out next Christmas :D I’ll leave the huge traditional trees on my parent’s house we’re I actually spend Christmas day.


  • These are cool, i love the polaroid one. Don’t forget about the book stack tree! Those are my favorite :)

  • Love the bits-and-bobs one with the white triangle garland (against a black wall, there’s an ampersand in there, yeah that one)! This is perfect for college students like me who aren’t able to have real life Christmas trees in our room. I work in Admissions as a tour guide and office assistant, and in our office we have a Christmas tree on the wall outlined with tinsel! -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey’s

  • Ooh, I’ve seen these sorts of alternative trees on Pinterest and stuff and I just think they’re soo cool!! I do myself prefer a real tre but I’d love to have this is in the house as well!

    Filippa |

  • Really love your in the home pinterest posts, they make me so happy!

    Grace x

  • I love these ideas. My friend made a tree with just lights and her wall and made one at her workplace with gift wrapping paper :) i think these ideas are lovely

  • Love this! I’m actually thinking of doing this next year, as I think a real Christmas tree is way too wasteful!

    Pop over to my blog!