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So, you all know how much I love boho interior design, as is evidenced by these past posts. So it should come to no surprise that I was clicking endlessly through Urban Outfitters’ homeware section the other day, window shopping for things I wish I owned, and cursing the fact that Urban’s american website has such a better and wider range of homeware in comparison to the European site.

I figured I would share with you guys some of my favorite finds from my little trip down the urban outfitters interior design porn rabbit hole as well as a list of essential boho elements needed to turn any home into one giant modern nod to the 60s. That way you can use these images for inspiration but shop around for your own key pieces at a price point that fits your budget by using this handy list of key boho elements below!

12 Key Elements to a boho home

1: Low beds or beds on the floor
2: fuzzy blankets
3: patterned duvet covers
4: fairy lights & candles
5: tapestries
6: textured and embroidered throw pillows
7: geometric wooden bookshelves
8: botanical- or astronomical-themed artwork
9: textured floor puffs
10: airy patterned curtains
11: Moroccan or Geometric patterned Rug
12: Wooden chairs with patterned upholstery or woven

boho inspiration curated from for

boho inspiration curated from for

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boho inspiration curated from for

photography by: Urban Outfitters

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Stay conscious, Rae


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Rae Tilly

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  • Oh I love this. I love boho and have a weird love for low beds too. Great inspiration

    Lauren x |

    • rae

      Yesssss! Low beds are the best. In fact, mine is super low, as it’s literally just a mattress on the floor! Haha.

  • Oh my, I love this more than I’d expected. Usually I’m all about the crisp Scandinavian modern vibes, but I love the soft, earthiness of this all. Maybe I should infuse Scandinavian with boho a bit more.

    • I’m seconding Louise! Personally, I wouldn’t like to go full boho (my interior taste tends to be quite minimalist), but your picks are so great I’m coveting several looks. That last image (left pic) is so stylish and relaxed, I love love love that pendant! I’m also digging some rugs and linen sheets, looks so comfy :-)

      • rae

        I def. think there is a way to infuse some boho into a minimalistic interior! I am pretty full on boho, but I still try to keep things relatively organized!

    • rae

      So glad you liked this post and this interior inspiration! I totally love Scandinavian styles as well and for a while had my flat decked out in more of that minimalistic style, but somehow returned to my boho roots, haha. I def. think you could mix the two and get a really awesome result too!

  • What a great inspo! Love it!
    xoxo Lynda

    • rae

      Really glad you liked this post, Lynda!

  • I am in love with all of these rooms, they are so beautiful. I love boho interior.

    • rae

      So glad you found this post inspiring! And yes, boho interior is the best!

  • I love every photo here! So cozy and chic! The fur throw is stunning

    • rae

      So happy you liked this post! And yes, “fur” throws are awesome!

  • Monique | WritingMonique

    Oh wow! Everything is so calming and beautiful! I love the curtains!


    • rae

      I think so too, and yes! Those curtains are amazing!

  • Elizabeth Hisle

    Shoot, I do have access to the US site, but I don’t have the money to buy everything I want, hah. But I could seriously just move into any UO bedroom ever featured and never complain. Though I’m starting to get there myself… sleeping on the floor, check. Lights? Check. Tapestry? Yep. Neat, tidy bed? Uh oh.

    • rae

      You can get to it if you sign up for the US email and click on a longer web URL than just (if you only type in that, it will re-direct to match your region) and yes, I agree. I wish I could just LIVE inside of a UO interior campaign or catalogue, haha!

  • this is lovely

    • rae

      Isn’t it though!?

  • Hungry Caramella

    Wow, Love the fuzzy blankets and the floor puff!! :))

    • rae

      Aren’t they great?!

  • Wow these rooms are so stunning. I wish I could redo my room!

    Enclothed Cognition

    • rae

      So glad you found this inspiring!

  • I absolutely love UO interior! Same with Anthropology…when I can afford it ;) Beautiful picks, thanks for sharing!

    xo, Alice || Miss Inconnue

    • rae

      Agreed and YES! Anthropology does such amazing stuff as well!

  • Oh UO interiors are so cosy looking – I love all of these. I really love that round shelf too, I’d paint that white for a nice little minimalist shelf!

    • rae

      Agreed! And yes, I really would love to have a shelf like that too!

  • I love the inspo!


    • rae

      Glad you enjoyed!

  • Love all of these inspiration pictures. It looks so nice and cozy.

    • rae

      Gald you found this post inspirational! And that is what I love about boho interiors! They are always so cozy feeling!

  • Jeanie

    These all look so cozy!



  • I’m loving this style!! Specially because you can keep the bed messy and it looks really cool!


    The Color Palette

    • rae

      Totally! As long as you have a nice throw, you don’t even need to necessarily make your bed!

  • Absolutely gorgeous room! Thanks for the inspiration! =)

    – Cielo
    Mermaid in Heels

    • rae

      No worries, glad you enjoyed!

  • Urban Outfitters has such great interior furnitures and inspiration, I could buy everything!

    Camy xx

    • rae

      Oh I agree! If only we could buy everything from UO, haha.

  • Urban Outfitters is great for boho style, not just fashion, but the home too! I love that round floor cushion and the round metal shelf.

    xx Yasmin

    • rae

      Oh I agree! And yes, that round floor cushion is lush, isn’t it?!

  • La Travelera

    Fabulous Décor!

  • Lovely Boho Inspo :) Happy Holiday love

    Stephanie |

    • rae

      Glad you enjoyed, and happy holidays too!

  • Wow, I had no idea that there were actual features for boho style.I thought boho patterns and that’s pretty much it hahaha! This is incredible <3

    xx Bash | Hey Bash | bloglovin’


    • rae

      Glad you found this post informative, Bash!

  • Vaida Tamošauskaitė

    would say yes to every single one of those! can’t wait to have my own home, so i could decor it however i want :)) these pictures are real inspiration indeed.
    thank you for sharing this!
    Vaida @

    • rae

      Hope you get to move into your own home soon so you can design it just to your liking! :)

  • Great inspiration, I love this In The Home series!

    • rae

      So glad you liked this post and this series!

  • Noortje Wijckmans

    I love this style of decorating so much, it’s so cozy and pretty. I think for myself I’d go more for a minimalistic/scandinavian theme in my house. But this is so pretty too!
    Project NW | Christmas In Pictures

    • rae

      Agreed! I am so into boho style. Minimalistic/scandinavian style is also super beautiful, but probably something I prefer to admire but not have in my own home. so it looks like we are the reverse, haha!

  • Aww these pics made me feel like I’m on holiday hehe :) Really pretty!
    Emma xxx

    • rae

      So glad you enjoyed this post and it could give you some holiday vibes!

  • Your list of ‘Key Elements’ for attaining a boho home are all brilliant, especially fuzzy blankets and fairy lights. Although I don’t decorate in the style, I’ve always hugely enjoyed browsing images of this home decor style :)

    Gabrielle | A Glass Of Ice x

    • rae

      Thanks, Gabrielle! Glad you liked the list! And yes, you can definitely enjoy certain styles without having to commit to decorating that way in your own home :)

  • must! get! floor puffs! Putting some of these on my dorm shopping list for next year ^-^ -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey’s

    • rae

      Right! Decorating my dorm room was so much fun during my college years – I am sure you are enjoying it as well!

  • I love everything BOHO so it’s not a surprise that I’m saving this for shopping next year!

    Hannie Arden from Missing Wanderer.

    • rae

      Boho style both for fashion and the home is the absolute best!

  • Becky Hughff

    Absolutely beautiful living spaces! Looks so cosy and chic!

    • rae

      Thanks, Becky!

  • I love the Boho inspiration! Definitely my type of living :)

    Pop over to my blog!


    • rae

      Thanks so much, Sarah!

  • Erica White

    Umm.. I LOVE all of this! Great post! Thank you for sharing! xx

    • rae

      So glad you enjoyed this post, Erica!

  • Robin Drew

    Great Post !!!
    I Love Boho Interior design and all 12 key elements are very informative.

    Thank You,

    Travelling Colors

    • rae

      No worries, Robin!