So apparently June 5 was national donut day, which I found out about when I logged into instagram and saw my account flooded with beautiful pictures of donuts. As I scrolled through photo after photo of those round little gluten-filled pastries of wonder, I envisioned myself as Mena Suvari in American Beauty but instead of being rained on by rose petals, donuts. Thousands and thousands of donuts. Which on second thought isn’t actually all that sexy, and does borderline on legitimately dangerous because a thousand of those things probably weighs a ton. A couple thousand, even more.

And since we are currently on the topic of donuts, I would just like to give my favorite little guys throughout the ages a little shout out. So here’s to those Krispy Kreme which I ate every single day after school (My best friend’s uncle worked at Krispy Kreme so he basically always had them lying around the house and I was basically there every day after school for 2 years straight) and those local upstate Ne York cider donuts, which I fell in love with the minute i took my first bite. I remember biting into that warm tart and sugary goodness back in college when we used to go apple picking in the fall. Which makes me think, I could care less about Krispy Kremes now, but cider donuts definitely need to get back in my life and back in my tummy. I have yet to find cider donuts here in Berlin, let alone vegan ones, but hey, a girl can dream, right?

instagram photography of donuts for national donut day - LFB

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Rae Tilly

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  • Oooe doughnuts!!These photos made me crave them badly


  • Aah you’ve got me craving doughnuts now! I haven’t had a Krispy Kreme in ages… but my favourite is the basic cinnamon.

  • Being buried in a pile of doughnuts is how I want to die. That, or guacamole. But seriously, great post! I think I need to swing by Tim Horton’s on my way to work!


  • I consumed so many donuts that day, I should have died haha. These photos are just making me want more of them though! Might have to get some at the shops…

    Kim x

  • cider donuts, never heard of these before? Wow, the dream of knowing someone who works at KK!

    Buckets & Spades

  • Mmmm….Donuts. Now, I would like some donuts thank you very much! Hahaha

    xx Bash | Bash Says Hey | bloglovin’

  • oh yum!! Felling pretty bad I didn’t celebrate donut day properly, Ill just have to make up for it I guess!

  • Oh man, I’m totally craving donuts now! I’ve never had cider ones before but they sound amazing, definitely one to add to my never ending to-eat list…

  • Omg Krispy Kreme was my childhood! I don’t understand people’s obsession with Dunkin’ Donuts when there’s Krispy Kreme! Ah well, I guess I shouldn’t discriminate–all donuts are good donuts :) -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey’s

  • I didn’t even realise it was donut day but seeing the hashtag trending on twitter made me curious so I clicked on it and was bombarded with delicious pics of donuts! Too bad I’m sugar intolerant :(

    Pop over to my blog


  • Jamie RS

    These donuts looks so yummy! the panda donut looks cute! :)

    Love Peace and Shimmer

  • I love a freshly made donuts, yum, anything that is lemon is pretty much my favourite.