I am back in Berlin, but I am already missing France. Somehow, although I had visited Paris a few years ago, I had forgotten just how beautfiul it was. Or maybe I just didn’t find the same level of appreciation for this incredible city back then. On my last visit, I was going through an extremely emotional time and the weather (and the Parisians) left a lot be to desired. However, this time, I was immediately struck by how incredibly aesthetic everything here is – I mean the branding for ready-made pizza is even on point, wtf? The white stone buildings with their grey zinc Mansard roofs, wrought iron balconies and potted geraniums are not only beautiful, but elegant and calming. But then again, the French brought us Rococo, so I should expect no less.

I may not be amongst the stunning backdrop of Paris anymore (although, I am just as happy to be back in offbeat Berlin), but now that I have discovered instagram user jasminetartine’s incredible account, it looks like I will be able to get a little dose of Paris every once in a while. What I love about Jasimine’s feed is that the photos – primarily of Paris, but also of other stunning destinations – don’t feel forced. Yes, there is the occasional “Parisian” photo of The Eiffel Tower in the distance on her feed, but even these feel as if they have been taken with a true Parisian’s eye. And the best part, with so many photos of such lovely hidden gems and cafes, I have already started to build a list of places to visit and sip tea at for my next visit.


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Source: @jasminetartine



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