The Secret Life of Passwords

  • Nov 25, 2014

Taking a seemingly unassuming thing and actually giving it the time of day tends to reveal that everything has some sort of curious value to it and that nothing is really that mundane at all. The New York times recently dove into the secret life of passwords and found out that they are much more than just a really annoying series of letters and/or numbers you often confuse with other really annoying series of letters and/or numbers. They reveal pieces of our past or our present, stand in our way from truly ever understanding other people in our lives or have the ability to humanize us to virtual strangers – even after we are gone. Each password is a story, and The New York times has explored nine of them. What does your password say about you? Please share your story below for me and others to read.

Howard – Howard Lutnick had to rebuild his company after losing nearly 700 people on Sept. 11, 2001, beginning with a search for the passwords only they knew.
Tony – A man discovers that no secret is safe from Mom.
Dillon – A love of Captain Underpants inspires a pseudonym and a password.
Rose – A mother searches for clues following her son’s death.
Mira – 10-year-old Mira turned a family obsession with security into a business.
Eleanor – A police officer’s wife finds security in a special number.
Taren – Five digits foretell a future in paradise.
Alexandra – A password represents the prospect of a new life after a mother’s death.
Katy – Sisters discover they had more in common than they knew.

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Rae Tilly

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  • Wow, the NY Times = killing it! The visuals they did for the videos are really well-done and was fitting to each individuals’ stories. Who knew something as simple as a password could hold so much overlooked meaning?

    My current password has a very significant meaning for me – it’s a mixed up acronym of one of my most favorite lines from a Phoenix song that, to this day, expresses my outlook on life. I wish I could share the line here, but it’s my password ;) Great share, Rae! x

    • rae

      I agree entirely – the visuals were really well done. Thanks for sharing what your password means to you :) mine is quite personal to me as well.