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001: Had a busy week full of fun activities. Besides from blogging, I was lucky enough to participate in Viking‘s first Berlin-based DIY event for bloggers over at Dawanda‘s Snuggery. Real-time filmed it all over on my instagram @lovefromberlin.

002: Currently on holiday visiting my parents in Paris! Be sure to follow all my live updates on instagram!

003: Coming up…Heading to 3 feet hi‘s event this Saturday in Berlin Burg Schnabel. If you’re in Berlin come by, listen to some amazing music, and say hi!

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001: Feeling discouraged about blogging lately? Then read this post!

002: Totally crazy about this adapted recipe for a cherry plum chia shake.

003: Watch this incredible clip to learn more about the lost art of coloring photographs.

004: You all need to read this incredible think piece about life in your twenties.

005: Considering the fact that post of us have been wearing one every day for years, the majority of us have no idea how to actually shop for our size. No worries, Camille Styles has got you covered.

006: So in love with Julia Trotti’s incredible photos of Glacier Point.

007: Cats are majestic creatures. Don’t believe me? Well then check these photos out.

008: How to respond when someone says racism is over.


001: Office Space – In the Home 024 on Home and Living Tuesdays
Need some inspiration for sprucing up your office space? Then this post was made for you.

002: Creativity in this Giant City – Conscious Berlin 007 on Travel Wednesdays
Read all about the latest creative project I have been part of here in Berlin.

003: #Relationshipgoals? – Anatomy of an Outfit 039 on Style Thursdays
What it’s like to be 29 and single. Spoiler Alert: It’s not half bad.

004: Sean Sullivan – Visual Stimulation 053 on Visual Saturdays
Check out the stunning photographic work of Sean Sullivan.

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From the archives

001: Creamy lactose-free seafood pasta – In the Kitchen 018 on Home and Living Tuesdays
Still bat-shit crazy about this recipe I came up with last year, which has since become a staple in my dinner rotation.

002: 3 Natural DIYs for after the gym – Conscious Beauty & Health Fridays
Don’t be a smelly kid! These 3 DIYs will keep you so fresh and so clean clean even after you kill it at the gym.

Brunch at Audreys blog -


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photography by: Faring Well, Julia Trotti, Camille Styles, and Rae Tashman

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  • omg have a fantastic time in Paris!! My mom was there for just a day this summer during a layover (she exited the airport and everything), and she absolutely loved the city. She’s said that she needs to take me some time :P I have no objections! // The Fresh Exchange’s post about 20s was so great, especially as I’m turning 20 very soon on Aug 30! When I read her post, I was reminded of your #relationshipgoals? post :P // OMG MAINE COONS. I’m 100% a big dog person (like, I like big dogs, but I guess I’m also big on dogs), but I’m warming up to this massive cat!! I couldn’t tell the size of the cats from the photographs, but I read the desc and decided to look them up. Anyways, in Robert Sijka’s photos you linked, those cats are the closest non-lion things that look like lions that I’ve seen!! Majestic -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey’s

  • I really love the concept of this posts, there are so many interesting things to read and many new sites to discover! I loved the cat gallery so much <3

    Cy | Dulce de Mango

  • Wow, I definitely have to try that pasta recipe :o It looks amazing! Hope you enjoy Paris, Rae!

  • Sophie Lee

    Nice pasta pic, so delicious <3

    xoxo, Cool style for men